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Blu-ray Copys Free Blu-ray Player Review
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Introducing the Fascinating Bluraycopys Free Blu-ray Player: An Absolute Review

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Do you love watching movies using Blu-ray discs? Admit it, we love the class. However, to make it possible you will be needing Blu-ray player software for that. Actually, there are tons of media players in the market that have the ability to offer the best features and functions for all users. One of these is the Bluraycopys Free Blu-ray Player, it is a newly created media player in the market nowadays that has the potential to offer incredible features for all of us. Therefore, in this post, we will review Bluraycopys Free Blu-ray Player so that we will know what it can offer for the people. We will dig deep into its features, pricing list, compatibility, how the player looks like, the supported file formats, and what will be the best alternatives for it. Through these, we may hopefully know why it is labeled as one of the best media players in the market.

Bluraycopys Free Blu-ray Player Review

Table of contents

1. Our Verdict 2. What is Blu-ray Copys Blu-ray Player? 3. Blu-ray Copys Free Blu-ray Player Review 4. FAQ 5. Best Alternative- Vidmore Player

1. Our Verdict

Free to update anytime.
Responsive and helpful support center.
Frequently developing software and websites.
Bagged numerous awards for media players.
Smooth playback for any file, especially for Blu-ray files.
There is an advertisement on the software.
Still developing media players.

Overall Rating:

To start this review with a blast, we found out that the Bluraycopys Free Blu-ray Player has the potential to provide amazing features for all the people who might need a video and audio player for their computer devices. However, this player still needs to be fixed. A good thing is that the developer is making sure and putting a lot of effort on their way to perfection to ensure the quality service they offer to their users.

9.3 Overall

Easy to use9.0

Smooth Playback9.5


2. What is Bluraycopys Free Blu-ray Player?


Bluraycopys Free Blu-ray Player is one of the media players that is known to be a cost-efficient player in the market. You can get this player for free. Just download the software on their official websites.

Free Download Free Download

They also offer upgraded or premium versions of their media player for only $29.50 for a lifetime. In fact, this plan was originally $59.00, but because of their 50% discount offer, it was lessened. For that small amount of dollars, you may now enjoy the full features and functions of Bluraycopys Blu-ray Player. The payment transaction is all done via VISA, MasterCard, and more. Also, Bluraycopys Free Blu-ray Player can guarantee you a 90-day money-back. Try it now, and get that discount.


The said media player is the best used for Windows computers with an OS of Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10, Windows XP, and Windows Vista. Since it is a Blu-ray player, it is important that your device has an internal or external Blu-ray drive. Also, even 1 GB RAM or higher will do. In addition, Intel Core2 Duo 2.4GHz processor or AMD Athlon processor or higher is recommended. Overall, as we can see Bluraycopys Free Blu-ray Player does not really require a lot of system requirements. As long as you have a cool performing computer, it is sure that you may use Bluraycopys Free Blu-ray Player in playing your media files.

Main Features

The Features offered by Bluraycopys Free Blu-ray Player
Allows you to play your Blu-ray disc with smooth playback.
Even the latest Blu-ray movie can be played here.
Capable of supporting 1080p super HD medi files.
Has the ability to support a wide range of audio and video file formats.
Dolby 5.1 is highly supported by this media player.
Play your DTS using Bluraycopys Free Blu-ray Player.
Possess the most advanced Kemel newest playing technology.

3. Bluraycopys Free Blu-ray Player Review


Bluraycopys Free Blu-ray Player Interface

You know what? Bluraycopys Free Blu-ray Player is known as a software that possesses a very simple yet amazingly elegant interface. This media player gives us the perfect combination of orange and black color palettes. They also choose the perfect family fonts that are also one of the big factors why it is easy to use in playing our audio and video files.

Media Format Support including Blu-ray and DVD Support

One of the best things about Bluraycopys Free Blu-ray Player is that it has the ability to play various and almost popular videos and audio formats. It is also capable of playing your DVD and Blu-ray disc instantly with super smooth playback. Therefore, you do not need to worry about playing and watching your movies in any format, because Bluraycopys Free Blu-ray Player got your back. Below you will see the different formats that are supported by this amazing media player - the Bluraycopys Free Blu-ray Player.

Bluraycopys Supported Media File Formats
Audio File Formats MP3, FLAC,WMA,WAV, MP2, AC3,AAC, A4A, and AIFF.
Video File Formats MP4, MTS, TS, M4V, MOV, QT, MPG, MPEG, MPEG2, MJPEG, MPJG, AVI, FLV, RMVB, RM, MKV, and WMK.
DVD File Formats DVD Disc and DVD movie.
Blu-ray File Formats Blu-ray Disc and Blu-ray movie.

Enhanced Playback Features

Bluraycopys Free Blu-ray Player Enhance Effects

In connection with enhanced playback features, Bluraycopys Free Blu-ray Player does not really require a lot of configuration to enhance the playback of your videos. For it automatically enhances the playback of your media files. However, it offers a tool that will enable you to enhance the effects of your video files. It includes adjusting hues, brightness, contrast, saturation, and gamma. This tool will somehow enhance your playback in playing your video.

Is Premium Worth It?

Bluraycopys Free Blu-ray Player is a free version of Bluraycopys Blu-ray Player Pro. if you will ask, is the premium worth it because it offers the full features. Most likely these features can be beneficial for you to show you the difference between the free and premium, here is the chart below to present you that data.

Features Free Blu-ray Player Blu-ray Player Pro
Play Blu-ray disc Limited
Play Blu-ray movie
Suport 1080p HD video
Support all video format Limited
Support all audio format Limited
Offers playing effects Limited
Offers high video quality

4. FAQ

Is there any Bluraycopys Free Blu-ray Player version for Mac users?

Unfortunately, for now, Bluraycopys Free Blu-ray Player does not offer any version for Mac OS users. However, do not worry because there is another media player that you can utilize for your Mac computer.

Can Bluraycopys Free Blu-ray Player guarantee smooth playback of my media files?

Yes, it can play any media file with super smooth playback because it possesses and adopts the most advanced and newest playing technology. For that being said, Bluraycopys Free Blu-ray Player can really guarantee you a smooth playback.

Is Bluraycopys Free Blu-ray Player recommended to use?

Bluraycopys Free Blu-ray Player is a user-friendly and easy-to-operate media player. For that, you may now play your media files instantly and easily using this media player. Therefore, it is really recommended even for the new users out there.

5. Best Alternative- Vidmore Player

Vidmore Alternative To Bluraycopys Player

Price: $19.95

Platforms: Windows and Mac

Overall Rating: 5.0

Vidmore Player that enchances a lot of users because of its amazing features and function. It is kind of similar with Bluraycopys Free Blu-ray Player, therefore if instances occur Vidmore Player is a great tool you can use as an alternative. This media player is very capable in playing a wide range of file formats such as different audio, video, DVD, and Blu-ray file formats. In fact, it is known to be the universal player for it supports almost every media file format you want to play. Not to mention its ability to play your audio or video with super smooth playback. These will not be possible if it does not possess the advanced technology and a high quality video processing technology. Therefore, For that being said, those are some of the reasons why Vidmore Player is the best alternative to Bluraycopys Free Blu-ray Player. To be honest, there are more. You may try it to discover more features and functions it can offer for you.

Free Download Free Download


To end this with a blast, hopefully, we get to know what is Bluraycopys Free Blu-ray Player is all about. What it can offer and provide for us. Therefore, we can say, that Bluraycopys Free Blu-ray Player truly possesses the potential that can offer the best features for its use. We get to know its pricing list, supported platforms, supported file formats for audio, video, DVD, and Blu-ray files. We also found out that it is still developing in other aspects. However, despite that, we cannot disregard its ability to offer incredible features for us. If any instances occur, you may use Vidmore Player as an alternative. For it can also offer amazing features for you. Try it to believe it. Lastly, share this post if you know someone who is also looking for the best media player reviews. We are glad to help.

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