1. Overview of Figma
2. Figma Review
3. Figma Tutorial: How to Use It?
4. Figma Alternatives and Comparison
5. FAQs about Figma Review

Reviewing Every Figma Feature for an Incredible Web Designing Experience

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Designing user interfaces for websites and mobile apps with your team is simple: using Figma, a potent, free prototyping tool. Anyone can participate in the design process thanks to an emphasis on online collaboration and an additional browser-based interface. The limitations on the tool's free edition are its only drawback. That can be the most basic thing we know about Figma. This post lets us know more about it by reading these full details reviews of Figma.

Figma Review

Table of contents

1. Overview of Figma 2. Figma Review 3. Figma Tutorial: How to Use It? 4. Figma Alternatives and Comparison 5. FAQs about Figma Review

1. Overview of Figma

What is Figma?

Designing user interfaces for websites and mobile apps with your team is simple: using Figma, a potent, free prototyping tool. Anyone can participate in the design process thanks to an emphasis on online collaboration and an additional browser-based interface. The limitations on the tool's free edition are its only drawback.

Furthermore, a web-based program made exclusively for creating user interfaces is called Figma (UI). It was developed in 2015 by a small group of Google developers who intended to create a more effective approach to collaborating on UI projects. They thought current tools like Photoshop and Sketch weren't versatile enough, which infuriated them. So they set out to develop something novel to enable people to complete more tasks more quickly.

Moreover, Figma, which was the outcome, went public in 2016. Since then, it has been utilized by thousands of expert designers and downloaded millions of times. Because it provides customers with a special combination of functions that other software lacks, its popularity has increased quickly.

Simple experience and interface.
Tools for online collaboration.
Accessible and based on the web.
It is available for PC and mobile devices.
The design is very responsive.
Sharing your files is easy and available in this app.
Customizable templates are offered.
Selected projects only on the free plan.
This tool only works online.
The collaboration capabilities are not enough.
It undergoes a prototyping process.
Some tools are hard to use and find.
The view options need to be developed.
Not suitable for novice users.

Why Use Figma over Photoshop?

The professional photo editing program Photoshop has been around for a while. Designers and photographers edit photos using Photoshop to tweak things like Crop, resize, and color. A brand-new web application called Figma was introduced in 2016. It is made to assist users in producing wireframes, prototypes, and mockups for websites and other digital goods. Here are the three great reasons why you use Figma over Photoshop.

Simple to Use. Figma's ease of use is one of its main advantages. There aren't any confusing toolbars or menus to get lost in. Instead, all you need to do is choose from the top-of-the-screen primary menu.

No Experience is Necessary. Unlike Photoshop, Figma doesn't need any prior knowledge to be learned. Anyone may immediately pick it up and begin working.

Figma is excellent for designers because it isn't intended to replace Photoshop. It is a companion app to assist website designers in improving their work.

2. Figma Review

Figma Pricing

Figma is a free tool with reasonably priced monthly and yearly subscriptions. The premium monthly and annual memberships for Figma, a free interface design program, are for power users. Of course, the free version has restrictions. Users can make three FigJam files and three Figma files. For casual consumers, relatively small teams, and independent designers, that's not awful.

For users who have paid, there are two upgrades available. The team libraries, audio talks, and file additions in Professional are unlimited. Useful if you need to keep your branding consistent. The monthly fee is $15, £14, or AUD 24 per editor. The monthly rates for editors are $12, £11, or AUD 19 for annual subscriptions.

Organization costs $45 / £41 / AUD 71 per editor per month on an annual subscription and includes everything Professional does, as well as organization-wide libraries, analytics, and centralized file management.

Figma Figures

You may exhibit your favorite characters in the poses you like with the help of the highly articulated yet still attractive PVC action figures in the Figma series. In addition, Figures in the Figma series, made of ABS and PVC, are articulated. Each figure comes with a flexible stand. The figures range in height from 13 to 16 cm, depending on the character's height.

Figma Figures

Figma Templates

Find 300+ templates created by our staff to assist you in kicking off an idea or molding it into something new. Please start with the navigation above, or scroll down to browse some of our favorite categories for ideas. Some of the most loved Figma templates by the users are the following:

Kits for Wireframe. Our component-based wireframe kit lets you quickly validate your ideas and speed up the website design process.

Utilize our product development templates to plan your upcoming build. FigJam templates offer a reliable roadmap from the start of your product journey to the finished product itself, allowing you to grab the wheel confidently.

FigJam can enliven product planning. A planning procedure that results in consensus rather than chaos is the first step in creating exceptional products. Find out how FigJam, an online team whiteboard, makes planning more inclusive, effective, and enjoyable.

Figma Templates

Figma Plugins and Icons

The Figma plugin allows you to: Bring in icons. Additionally, you can drag and drop plugin icon files into Figma. Swiftly swap out the chosen icon. For developers, view the code for imported icons. Insert code to import unique SVG. It decodes data: URI as well. It is uncharged! Iconify always imports icons as SVG, unlike other plugins that give more icons but demand money to use SVG. The open-source Iconify project exclusively provides open-source icon sets.

Furthermore, Plugin keeps track of the last page you visited, making it simple to browse or search symbols. From the options page, you can always reset the plugin. Compact mode is also available in the plugin for users with small monitors. Enable the tiny width option by clicking the menu (3 lines) link.

Figma Icon

Figma Auto Layout

One of Figma's most crucial features is Auto Layout, which stands out from similar functions in other design programs thanks to its adaptability. In essence, it enables you to build frames and components so that they can expand automatically, either causing the container to adjust to the size of its contents or vice versa.

Figma Auto Layout

3. Figma Tutorial: How to Use It?


Create a Figma account

Visit, click Sign up, and fill out the form to start with Figma. When you've completed that, Figma will launch with a start screen that looks like this. To begin, select 'New File,' and then let's go!

Figma Create Account

Explore Figma's Interface

The Figma interface has a very simple appearance and feels but hides several strong capabilities.

Tool. The tools you will likely use the most—frames, shapes, text, etc.—can be conveniently accessed here. (We'll cover these tools over the next few days.)

Options. Additional options for the tool you have chosen are displayed in this section. Figma shows the file name when no item is chosen (as in the example above). Contextual choices show up here when an object is selected.

Layers. Each file's component is listed and categorized into Frames and Groups.

Canvas. You complete and evaluate all of your work here.

Inspector. For any selected object, the Inspector displays contextual information and settings. We can see options for the Canvas itself in the image above. We'll discuss these later in the week. Please note that Figma provides different tabs in the Inspector (Design, Prototype, and Code).


Creating a Frame

To choose the Frame Tool, press F. The Frame Tool icon is located under the Options cat the top of the window, where you can also select it as an alternative. Additionally, you can press A for Artboard if you are accustomed to using Sketch.

Figma Creating Frame

Establish a Text layer

Let's now write some content. To add a Text layer, click anywhere in your iPhone frame after selecting the Text tool by pressing T. Let's type Sign In because that will be a component of the button design. To leave the Text tool, press Escape.

Figma Add Text

The Layers should be Arranged in a Rectangle

To choose the Rectangle tool, press R. Draw a rectangle in the shape of a button all around the newly created text..

Figma Aligning Text and Triangle

Aligning Text and Rectangle

By pressing Escape or V, ensure the Move tool is selected before dragging a marquee around the text and the rectangle.

Figma Aligning Triangle

Modify the Font

You can visit Inspector's settings while the text layer is chosen to alter the font and its size, weight, and color. Roboto is still used, but the writing is now bold and capitalized. Try looking into your choices!

Figma Modify Text

Saving and Naming File

Giving our file a name is the last task for today; to do this, select all objects using Escape will work and click where it reads Untitled at the top of the window. Then enter Then press Save to finish.

4. Figma Alternatives and Comparison

Plans & Price Interface and Experience Design Online Collaboration
4.0 4.5 4.5 4.0
4.0 4.0 4.5 4.0
4.0 4.0 4.0 4.0
4.5 4.0 4.0 4.0
4.0 4.5 4.5 4.5
4.0 4.0 4.0 4.0
4.0 4.0 4.0 4.0

5. FAQs about Figma Review

Is Figma down?

Your Figma file may be crashing for several reasons. Restarting your computer is the most frequent solution. Try reloading the file or opening it in a different browser if that doesn't work.

How to crop a shape in Figma?

When you choose Crop from the Fill mode drop-down menu in the top-left corner of the screen, Figma will add eight blue handles to the edges of the image. Then, you may decide how much of the image to show by clicking and dragging the blue handles in any direction.

Is Figma simple to learn?

Figma is a relatively easy program for new Web designers to learn. This is so because Figma provides users with a constrained free edition of the software with no built-in time limit, and the tools are simple to use.


You will understand FIGMA well from this post, along with its main benefits and drawbacks. An open-source, team-based software development platform for creating web applications is FIGMA. It has a code editor, a testing tool, and a rich text editor. Model-View-Controller (MVC) is the foundation of FIGMA. Even if it has certain drawbacks, you may easily learn Figma by following a few simple steps mentioned above thanks to its benefits. We hope this post gives you every detail.

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