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Best Cheats for Pokemon Go: 4 Methods to Use in Your Game

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It's difficult to find someone who wasn't at least a little enamored with Pokémon when they were younger. What began as a Nintendo video game has evolved into a full franchise of games, anime programs, and movies. In truth, most Pokémon fans were introduced to the world of Pokémon through animated works, and we never had the opportunity to play video game versions. As a result, when Nintendo released Pokémon GO, a mobile version of the game, the excitement was obvious.

If you enjoy levels in Pokémon Go, read our post where we have listed 8 top functioning Pokemon Go hacks and strategies for cheating Pokémon Go.

Cheat Pokemon Go
Part 1. Ways of Pokemon Go Cheats Part 2. FAQs about How to Cheat Pokemon

Part 1. Ways of Pokemon Go Cheats

Method 1: Location Changer: AnyMP4 iPhone GPS Spoofer

Regarding cheating with Pokemon Go, one of the most effective ways we can use it is changing location. As we all know, the great Pokemon can be cached in the most hard-to-go places. That is why it will require effort to make it. Thankfully, we have AnyMP4 iPhone GPS Spoofer to ease catching Pokemon.

This tool lets us catch the most incredible Pokemon without traveling or visiting different places. Through the location spoofer of this tool, we can now play the game easily and comprehensively. Try it by following the steps we need to follow below.


Let us now take advantage of the free download of AnyMP4 iPhone GPS Spoofer. After that, install it on your computer devices.

Free Download Free Download

Then, we'll look throughout the tool's UI for the Start button. Then, to begin, we must enable our iOS to be linked to your computer via the USB Cable. A window will now display on your iOS device, alerting you. Please press the Trust button to proceed with the transaction.

AnyMP4 iPhone GSP Spoofer Start

We are now moving on to the next phase. Please choose the Modify Location option. You may alter the location of your device by pressing this button. You must then Pin the precise place you wish to be in. Alternatively, we may now search for and choose the place you desire.

AnyMP4 iPhone GSP Spoofer Modify My Location

We are about to confirm the desired location at this time. As we go, we merely need to click the Confirm Modify button. Then, on our mobile device, we open the Pokemon Go app and see the new location to catch incredible Pokemons, the Mimic Pokemon.

AnyMP4 iPhone GSP Spoofer Map

That's all there is to it! You'll quickly capture a lot of incredible Pokemon and have a terrific battle. As you can see, updating the location on your iPhone is simple and effective. It is also the easiest approach to fool Pokemon Go into thinking we are in a certain area to capture Pokemon. Try it right now and be astonished at the outcome. Indeed, it is the best cheat we can have.

Method 2: Usage of Cheat Codes for Pokemon GO

Using cheat codes is the second simplest technique to cheat and hack Pokémon Go. Pokémon occasionally provides codes that function properly, allowing individuals to enjoy the full potential of Pokémon GO. But, unfortunately, these Pokémon Go cheat codes will soon expire. You may use these promo codes in games. These are for certain periods. As a result, you may only utilize them during certain periods. Otherwise, they will go extinct. The following are Pokemon Go cheat codes:







◆ 944231010271764





◆ 844316465423591





As mentioned above, these codes are only temporary, so some cannot work. However, we will try to provide more details or an updated code for you soon.

Method 3: Locate Pokemon Using Tracker

If you want to capture new Pokémon for free, utilize trackers to find Pokémon nearby and fake your location there. Other trackers like PokeHunter can help you achieve this Pokemon trick. PokeHunter is a high-quality tracker that has acquired popularity in the Pokémon Go community since it assists nearly all Pokémon Go players in finding the optimal locations for Pokemon.

This tool displays all areas where Pokémon may be caught. It specifically displays neighboring gyms with new Pokémon accessible in HD definition and raid boss information. It is simple to use and may be utilized by any Pokemon Go user.


Please open PokeHunter and link it to your Pokemon Account.


Now, please access the Map provided by the app to see some Pokemon.

Pokehunt Tracker Map

Open your Pokemon Go and go to the nearest place to find the Pokemon you want based on the tracker.

There you have it, and we can notice that the tool will give you some information on where we can catch Pokemon. However, it will not lead you to the exact place. That means you will need to go to the location to catch it. Unlike the GPS Spoofer, even in your bedroom, you can catch Pokemon. Also, you can play Pokemon games in the order to improve your skills.

Method 4: Kick-off Pokemon in a Gym

This is the simplest Pokemon Go method for taking control of a powerful gym full of Pokémon. If you have three players, you can easily knock out any powerful Pokémon and fully charged Pokemon like Greninja and Dragonite.


Begin a gym battle with Three other players. Then, players one and two will instantly Exit, but player three will continue to fight.


Players 1 and 2 will enter a new two-player fight. Now, player one will leave the game instantly, while Player two will continue to fight.


Player one starts a new fight and continues to combat. Then, all three players complete the combat at the same time.

Kick Out Pokemon GYM

See, it might be easy to read, yet it will require you to invite some friends to make it. It will not be possible if you are alone. Also, sometimes, it fails and cannot give you the desired result.

Method 5: Pokemon Auto-VI Checking

Another option involves the use of a third-party program called IV Checkers. The Auto-IV checker is a Pokemon Go hack program that will give you a Pokémon's unique worth and tell you which pocket monsters are the greatest to evolve. Normally, gamers may only observe a Pokémon's CP or battle power. An Auto-IV checker software evaluates your creature and advises whether it is worthwhile to fill it with rare candies and evolve it.


Download and install the Android Emulator on your computer.


After installation, open it and search for and install the Auto-IV checker online.


Finally, use it to determine the IV of each Pokémon.

Pokemon VI Checker

Undoubtedly, the IV Checkers app assists you in optimizing your Pokémon. However, the Pokémon Go program does not like third-party apps. You may be banned if the Pokémon system discovers you are utilizing IV checkers. As a result, we normally do not recommend utilizing this method to cheat in Pokemon Go.

Part 2. FAQs about How to Cheat Pokemon

Is there a Pokemon Go cheat app?

You may hack Pokémon GO by changing geo coordinates without moving or playing the game with a joystick. This Pokémon Go cheat program is available in both a free and a premium edition with more advanced functionality. All Android versions include fake GPS. There is no need to enable development mode. Regarding the iPhone, an incredible tool called AnyMP4 iPhone GPS Spoofer is the most trusted tool we can use to make changing locations possible with instant steps.

Is it unlawful to use hacked Pokemon?

You may be able to use it online without being blacklisted, depending on how successfully it has been hacked. The hack only looks for Impossible moves that the Pokemon cannot learn in any legal in-game way. Impossible skills are not included in its ability set.

Is teleporting in Pokemon Go considered cheating?

Remember that teleporting in Pokémon GO violates the game's regulations. You may be caught cheating if you exhibit unusual behavior, such as moving places frequently in a short time, in which case your account will be suspended.

Is it possible for Niantic to detect spoofers?

A VPN can help reduce the odds that Niantic will discover you're faking your location. If your GPS coordinates and IP address match, there will be no dispute that your fake location is real. Here are the top VPN services for the task.

How can you find out if you've been banned from Pokemon Go?

Yes, if you notice that Your account has been suspended/terminated for violating the Terms of Service statement while signing in to Pokémon GO, your account has been banned. Our first objective with Pokémon GO is to deliver a fair, entertaining, and safe experience for all players.


Those are the information we need to know to make cheats on Pokemon Go, and We can see the five methods we can apply to our gameplay. Now, if you want to know some advice from the pro? Then, they recommend using AnyMP4 iPhone GPS Spoofer for an effective and instant way to cheat in Pokemon Go.

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