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Find Location by Coordinates: Instant Process Here

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Longitude and latitude coordinates aid in determining the precise position of a person, place, or item. Knowing that a place is 0 degrees west or longitude and 51 degrees north or latitude. These elements are great mediums for knowing the exact location of our destination in some aspects.

Today, we will look at the finest app location coordinate finder for iPhone and Android. Furthermore, we will explain how they work and the benefits and premium features of GPS coordinate applications. These apps include a compass, alternative GPS systems, coordinate formats, photo storing choices with coordinates, and an SOS button for relaying the user's current location to contacts. Let us know about all if this tool.

Coordinates of My Location
Part 1. Top 7 Apps To Find Location Coordinates Part 2. How to Find Location by Coordinates Part 3. FAQs about Coordinates of My Location

Part 1. Top 7 Apps To Find Location Coordinates

Google Maps

Google Maps is a free GPS tracking tool that helps you save time and money on route planning. Furthermore, with the real-time location tracking feature, users may pinpoint the exact location of others on the map. This application instantly offers one of the accurate coordinates of your locations. That will be possible using the search location by coordinates feature.

Google Maps
The coordinates are legit and trustworthy.
Google Maps communicates better than other maps with voice guidance.
Their visual characteristics are exceptional.
Users may view the battery life.
The anticipated arrival time is not always correct.

AnyMP4 iPhone GPS Spoofer

The fantastic AnyMP4 iPhone GPS Spoofer is one of the most incredible and reliable tools that can tell us the coordinates of a certain location. This software is both a location finder and a location changer. It is usually used to turn your current location into a virtual one for various purposes. Furthermore, this tool is suitable for knowing the coordinates of the location you want to know. That means we can now set a certain location with different purposes after knowing the exact coordinates of it. Those things are mainly why AnyMP4 iPhone GPS Spoofer became the user’s favorite for finding location coordinates.

Free Download Free Download

GPS Coordinates

Google's GPS Coordinates app is a simple and versatile application that allows users to locate their present position without needing an internet connection. It can precisely record raw coordinates and transform them into an address, which may be communicated via various techniques. It's one of the simplest navigation applications with some intriguing features.

Its creators make it feasible for people who have installed their software to download, distribute, and save coordinates for future use. A common feature also allows you to locate a user's GPS coordinates by entering an address and modifying how the app map is displayed. A traditional map scheme and a satellite view are also available.

GPS Coordinates
No internet requirements.
Save features are available.
It is accessible to everyone.
The tool is limited.
Some features are very outdated.

Google Family Link

Next on our list is Google Family Link. This free GPS tracking software for Android has a function that syncs with the target's phone's Google account. This novel feature improves the tracking experience by giving users a detailed and real-time picture of the target's location and activity. Through the clear coordinate information, those things are possible.

Furthermore, the Google account integration goes beyond location monitoring. Users can use this link to access a variety of extra information. For example, it lets users monitor Google Maps searches, letting them know where the target intends to go or areas they have expressed interest in. This is especially beneficial for keeping track of a loved one's vacation plans or ensuring staff complete their work-related responsibilities on time.

Google Family Link
A parental control function is available through Google accounts.
The tool enables users to regulate their apps and screen time.
It communicates real-time location.
It does not have a call or text control function.
It lacks geofencing capabilities.

Find My Device (Google)

Google's Find My Device app is a remarkable and user-friendly free GPS tracking app designed specifically for Android devices. It allows users to locate their Android phone as long as the target device is connected to the internet and easily accessible through its associated Google considerations. Presenting your phone’s location coordinates will make the finding process much easier.

Users can access the app through a web browser on a computer or another mobile device, sign in with their Google account credentials, and instantly see the device's location displayed on a map, which includes not only the device's current location but also historical data, making it easier to retrace steps and find lost items.

Find My Device Google
Showcase the exact coordinates where your phone is.
It displays the last known position if the phone is off.
It includes inside maps of more important structures.
It only works when the phone is connected to the internet.
The process can restart once the internet is unstable.

Samsung Find My Phone

Samsung Find My Phone will assist you in tracking down your phone by using the location coordinates. However, you must first activate it. Open the Samsung Settings app, navigate to Lock Screen and Security, and find the Find My Mobile option. If you change the settings, your Samsung smartphone will become trackable. Visit the website to locate your device. Enter your credentials and choose your Samsung phone to view your device.

Samsung Find My Phone
The coordinates it shows are accurate.
It provides a completely free GPS tracking service.
If you forget your phone's passcode, you can use it to unlock it.
It has a range of only 20 meters.
Mostly effective with Samsung devices,
Its accuracy might be impaired.

Live Mobile Location Tracker

Live Mobile Location Tracker is a genuinely worldwide and outstanding GPS tracking tool designed for Android smartphones. Its distinguishing feature is its global reach, allowing users to follow their Android phones from anywhere. This program is an excellent tool for anybody who wants to keep track of their device, no matter where it is, since it provides real-time location coordinates to ensure exact and accurate tracking results.

Live Mobile Location Tracker
It is a simple and easy-to-use program to install and operate.
Its GPS tracking is quite accurate.
It does not keep track of previous places.
It has intrusive advertisements.

Part 2. How to Find Location by Coordinates

Finding the location using its coordinates is very easy. For this process, we can use Google Maps. Before we start, please remember that knowing the coordinates of the location you want to know is important. If the case is solved, please follow the steps below:


On your computer web, we need you to access Google Maps.


Please click the Search tab and type the coordinates you want to search.


After that, you can now explore the location you searched via coordinates.

Google Map Search by Coordinates

Using location, we can see that it will be easy to explore the exact location we need to see or know. However, we only need to ensure the coordinates are right to avoid complicated things.

Part 3. FAQs about Coordinates of My Location

Where do coordinates appear on a map?

The coordinates are located along the map's margins. Locate the measurement point on the map. Draw vertical and horizontal lines from the place to the map's edges using a ruler. Write down the vertical coordinate, latitude, horizontal coordinate, or longitude.

What is the best way to enter coordinates into Google Earth?

How can you find coordinates in the absence of GPS?

Latitude may be calculated by comparing your location on Earth to the position of the sun or the North Star, also known as Polaris. Sun measurements are achievable on a clear day in the northern or southern hemispheres when the sun is easily visible.

How do you write coordinates?

Coordinates are expressed as X and Y, meaning the x-axis point is written first, followed by the y-axis point. Some youngsters may be taught to remember this by saying along the hall, up the stairs, following the x-axis first and then the y.

What is the best way to acquire coordinates from an address?

Using Google Maps, you may obtain geo coordinates for addresses. First, we need to navigate to Google Maps in your browser. Then, enter the address for which you want geographic coordinates in the address bar. In Google Maps, right-click the address to receive the latitude and longitude coordinates.


In conclusion, seeing the coordinates of each location, we need to know is very easy. The process can be possible if we have the incredible tools above. You can choose what’s best for you from the seven choices.

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