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3 Tricks to Solve No Location Found on Find My Friends

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Find My Friends is an ancient Apple app that was introduced years ago. It is mostly used to locate friends and family members precisely. However, you may encounter the no location discovered on the Find My Friends problem. Apple has now integrated the Find My Friends and iPhone applications into one Find My app. You may receive the no location detected problem using the Find My app. The problem is common with the feature; as we all know, no functions are perfect. That is why a little bit of effort for troubleshooting it is a must-have,

This article will show the causes and remedies for the error message No location found on Find My Friends. Join us as we explore some methods we can apply, including the best tool.

Find My Friends No Location Found
Part 1. What Does No Location Found Mean on Find My Friends Part 2. Solutions to Fix Find My Friends No Location Found Part 3. FAQs about Find My Friends No Location Found

Part 1. What Does No Location Found Mean on Find My Friends

When you launch the Find My Friends app to check your friend's current location, you may get a notification that says No position Found or Location Not Available. The no location discovered on the Find My Friends issue might be caused by several factors. Before we go into how to remedy it, let's go through some of the most common reasons.

The Find My Friends no location discovered issue is frequently caused by faulty location services. If the Find My Friends app reports no location was discovered, ensure Location Services are turned on on your iPhone or iPad. You will see the No Location Found error if you disable Find My iOS or Share My Location. In certain circumstances, the most common causes of Find My Friends' no location discovered include an out-of-date iOS or app version and network troubles.

Your friend, on the other hand, may have the incorrect date on their iOS device. You can't view the location information in the Fine My app if your friend's smartphone is turned off or isn't connected to a stable cellular or Wi-Fi network. You will see the no location discovered message if your buddy has not logged in to the Find My Friends app, has turned off Location Services, or has enabled the Hide My Location in Find My Friends feature.

Part 2. Solutions to Fix Find My Friends No Location Found

Method 1: Get AnyMP4 iPhone GPS Spoofer

First on the list of the best solutions to fix an issue with My Find My Friends, No Locations is the incredible AnyMP4 iPhone GPS Spoofer. As we all know, knowing the location of your friends also requires you to share your location first. However, if it is confidential for you to share your locations yet need to know your friend’s location, then AnyMP4 iPhone GPS Spoofer will help you.

Faking your location to get your friend's location is one of the best features of AnyMP4 iPhone GPS Spoofer. See how we can use it.


Please use the fantastic AnyMP4 iPhone GPS Spoofer on your computer device.

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In the iPhone GPS Spoofer, press the One-stop Mode button. You may also access the One-stop Mode interface by clicking on its icon on the map.


Later, you may choose two locations as the starting and ending places for your personalized route and then click Start Move to have your iPhone GPS position move along. You can also draw the route by entering the starting and finishing points into boxes.

AnyMP4 iPhone GSP Spoofer One Sttop Move Here

There you have it. We can see that the location fake tool offers incredible features where we can fake our location and share it with our friends. Now, you can ask for your friend’s location once you share yours in a fake mode.

Method 2: Turning on Precise Location

When you receive the No Location Available error, you can select to provide the Find My app access to Precise Location.


Open the Settings app and go to Privacy & Security.


Now, we need to select Location Services as we proceed. Then, find the Find My app.


You may utilize Find My's primary screen to change location settings and allow applications to use your precise position.

iOS Turning on Location

Ensuring that the precise location of your Find My feature on iOS is a great way to fix the problem of having no locations shown on your friends. It might be effective if there is no underlying problem with the features. Sometimes, this process is not enough to solve the issue.

Method 3: Properly Set Time and Date

As previously stated, an erroneous date and time may prevent you from locating your friend's location. You should know that the Find My app syncs location data using your friend's date and time. You will receive the no location found message when the date and time are incorrect.


To change or reset the Date and Time on an iPhone, go to Settings.


From there, please access the tab for General and then Date & Time.


Now, you may set the time manually or automatically through the Date & Time interface. You should also request that your friend do the same.

iOS Set Time and Date

Regarding this method, the initial process is very easy to do. Yet, we will need the permission of our friends to do the same steps as you for the process to be possible. We might have a problem when our friends refuse to do the steps.

Part 3. FAQs about Find My Friends No Location Found

How do you use the Find My Friends App to share your location?

On your iPhone, open the Find My or Find My Friends app, hit People on the bottom screen, and then press the Start Sharing Location option. Pick a contact or input a phone number under Share My Location to share your location. You have control over when you reveal your location.

How do you know if your pals no longer share their location with you?

When you notice a Location is unavailable on the Find My App, your friends have turned off their location services. In such a situation, you are unlikely to notice your friend's symbol on the Find My app's built-in map.

Does Find My Friends function when the location is incorrect?

To summarize, if your iPhone is turned off or out of service, all friends who have requested and received a location update from you in the last two hours will still see you there. Those who have not received your location report in the last two hours will notice Location Not Available.

How can you determine if someone has unfriended you on Find My Friends?

When you delete a buddy, you no longer have access to their location, and they no longer have access to yours. That individual is not notified that you have deleted them. That means there is a way to know if your friends removed you from their Find My Friends list.

What happens if you are removed from Find My Friends?

When you delete someone from Find My, you no longer share your location with them, and they no longer share their location with you. In simple words, you will no longer get updates from that person.


Those are three easy methods to fix the problem without friends and no location. We can see that these processes above are very effective, and we can use them anytime. Yet it is undeniable that AnyMP4 iPhone GPS Spoofer is the best tool for the process. Get it now.

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