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Hotstar Review and Watch Out the 7 Top Notch Alternatives

Aaren WoodsAaren WoodsUpdated on Jan 11, 2023Movies

Hotstar is a well-known movie streaming platform in India. Nonetheless, we have read that there are many issues with it. One of them is its subscription, which many users complain about. In addition, it is now suitable outside India. For that reason, we prepared 7 Hotstar alternatives to choose from. To obtain an idea, read each of their descriptions now.

Hotstar Alternatives
1. Overview of Hotstar 2. Top 7 Alternatives to Hotstar 3. FAQs of Hotstar

1. Overview of Hotstar

What is Hotstar?

Hotstar is a popular go-to movie streaming platform in India. Indonesian people can watch movies, sports, and international and local TV shows. In addition, it offers eight Indian languages. The exciting part of Hotstar is that it has become part of Disney and offers a catalog of Disney content.

However, there are many queries on how to watch Hotstar in the US or how to watch Hotstar on Hulu. If you are unaware, upon visiting Hotstar US, you will read that Hotstar was discontinued in the US. Therefore, you cannot launch the official site of Hotstar in the US.

Moreover, what can we do about it? Do not worry; you can still enjoy watching Hotstar live shows, Indian entertainment, and Hotstar Disney Bundle on Hulu, Disney Plus, and ESPN Plus. Yes, Hotstar provides it for you, so you can still watch TV shows, movies, etc., on Hotstar outside Indonesia.

Furthermore, we know that you also want to consider the advantages and disadvantages of Hotstar before using it. Of course, we also provide that for you. Below, you will see the pros and cons of Hotstar. Read them now:

It has a fantastic user interface.
It offers various types of TV shows and movies to watch.
After the subscription for three months, you will experience buffering.
It has no live sports in the UK.
It also has a problem after the subscription process.
It is expensive.
The Hotstar app is not compatible with a different version of browsers.

Best Movies on Hotstar US

◆ The Art of Racing in the Rain

◆ Bad Education

◆ Murder on the Orient Express

◆ We Bought a Zoo

◆ Kingsman: The Secret Service

◆ Kingsman: The Golder Circle

◆ The Shape of Water

◆ The Last King of Scotland

◆ The Fault in Our Stars

◆ Spiderman: No Way Home

◆ Spiderman: The Homecoming

◆ Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri

◆ The Lion King

◆ We Are Freestyle Love Supreme

◆ The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo

How to Watch Hotstar in the US

HotStar Alternatives Hot to Watch Hotstar in th US

You cannot watch on Hotstar in the US without using a VPN. For that reason, a VPN has a significant role in changing your location in just a few options. To start, you need to get a subscription to NordVPN. After that, install the VPN on your computer or device.

Also, you must remember that you must have a Hotstar account in India. Then, open the VPN and connect it to India's server. Launch the Hotstar site and log in to your latest account. Then you can now start watching Hotstar India from the US.

The question is, can you use another VPN client? Yes, you can. You can choose a VPN client you trust so much. Furthermore, if you want to avoid doing that process, Hotstar provides another site, such as Disney Plus, Hulu, and ESPN Plus, as mentioned above in this review.

2. Top 7 Alternatives to Hotstar


HotStar Alternatives SolarMovie
Its user interface is easy to manage, especially when watching movies.
It has many Tv series and movies you can watch.
It lets you download and watch movies in HD quality.
A VPN is a must to download and watch movies.
It offers inappropriate Ads.
Its Ads contain viruses, and you must beware of them.
Its safety is not guaranteed.

One thing that you can appreciate about SolarMovie is its user interface. Nonetheless, we will not focus on that; we need to appreciate it more because it is so manageable. What does it mean? SolarMovie allows you to find movies and TV series without hassles. Why? Because you will automatically see the options, especially the Search Bar.

In addition, since movies are ubiquitous to watch, you can change your preference by selecting the Series. You can easily see that button because it is beside the Movies button. Overall, SolarMovie is an alternative to Hotstar and offers full movies and series details.


HotStar Alternatives Popcornflix
Its user interface is advanced yet manageable.
It has numerous options, and they are easy to find.
It provides movies from the old to the latest movies.
It also provides several subtitles.
It works on Apple devices like Macs, iPad, and iPhones.
It is not suitable for Windows PC or browsers.
It is also only suitable in some countries.
It is also only suitable in some countries.

Popcornflix is well-known, especially for Apple users. If you are a Windows user, you will have a hard time using Popcornflix because it will not work, which is one of the disadvantages of Popcornflix. Nevertheless, you are lucky to launch Popcornflix if you are one of the Apple users.

Furthermore, you are also entitled to browse many options, like Mobies, Series, Home Page, Search Bar, and Setting Icon. Since it has an advanced user interface, we guarantee you will experience that while watching movies or Series.


HotStar Alternatives xMovies8
It shows complete details of the movie and series.
Its user interface is simple.
It offers free TV shows and movies.
It provides movies from the old to the latest.
Upon clicking anywhere, it will deflect you to another Ad window.
Its quality only offers CAM and HD quality.
Its latest movies are very minimal.

Hotstar needs an alternative. For that reason, we can suggest you use XMovies8. We know Hotstar is incompatible with numerous countries and only accessible in India. Therefore, some users need to use a VPN to watch on Hotstar.

The good news is that you will use XMovies8 and will not experience limitations except its countless Ads. But overall, it is better than Hotstar. In addition, XMovies8 offers more latest movies, and its user-friendly interface is friendly; unlike Hotstar, you need to find the options, which is a waste of time.


HotStar Alternatives AZMovies
Its user interface is superb.
It adds the latest movies constantly.
It has disturbing Ads that keep on popping up.
In addition, its Ads are inappropriate.
Its movies and TV shows are shuffled.

Hotstar subscription is one of its biggest obstacles, but using the alternative movie site you will mention, there is no need to subscribe. It is the AZMovies. It provides TV shows and movies, and AZMovies does not require you to pay for them. Why? Again, because it is a free streaming site for all.

In addition, it is also mentioned that it has Ads. Yes, it is true. But the good news is you can close it constantly until it does not pop up anymore. Indeed, long patience is required for every free movie streaming site. Overall, you will notice that even though they are free and offer ads, they are still worth trying.


HotStar Alternatives JustWatch
It offers an excellent user interface on mobile devices and browsers.
It allows you to connect to your Smart TVs.
It has movies and TV shows that are well organized.
It offers quality from HD to 1080p.
It obliges you to sign up before connecting it to your Smart TVs.
It has minimal geographical coverage.
It also has limited channels.

JustWatch is another famous movie streaming platform, especially in the Philippines. It lets you watch Filipino movies. Not only that, but it also provides movies from different countries. Nevertheless, do not expect that it is a free movie platform because it is not.

Nonetheless, even if it is not accessible, upon paying for it, you will appreciate JustWatch, and it will be worth your money. Also, expect high quality and excellent user interface. Furthermore, it is supported by other streaming movie websites, like Netflix and iWant TV.


HotStar Alternatives Vumoo
It provides a free site to watch free TV series and movies.
It has the latest movies on its official site.
It also has a feature that can Preview the latest movies in the middle part of the user interface.
Its user interface could be more appealing.
Its TV series and movies are shuffled. (Check the Vumoo alternatives.)
It has Ads that lead you to another Ad panel.
Its Ads are popping up while browsing movies and even while watching.

Some movies in Hotstar can be found in Vumoo. It is an alternative movie platform to Hotstar, and you can access the official site and watch movies for free. In addition, when you visit its user interface, you will see the available Genre, Categories, and Sections. Furthermore, you will also appreciate all the new movies they add continuously for the users.


HotStar Alternatives Yidio
It has too many options, one of which is filtering TV shows and movies.
It allows you to watch movies for free.
It also has a feature that can sort movies automatically.
Its movie quality is not as high as others.
It has movies that are streamed on another site.

Have you heard about Yidio? If not, allow us to discuss it with you. We can suggest Yidio as an alternative to Hotstar, and how can we come up with that conclusion? Well, Yidio is suitable in numerous countries, unlike Hotstar.

In addition, it provides free movies, even the newest movies from different countries. Also, it lets you rent and purchase the movie you love and watch them all over again. Furthermore, it is safe because it does not add copyrighted movies.

3. FAQs of Hotstar

How to cancel a Hotstar subscription?

Supposing you are unsatisfied with Hotstar, you can cancel your subscription. How? by logging in to your account. Afterward, go to your Account Page and find the Cancel Membership Link. Then, wait for the confirmation.

Is Disney Plus Hotstar available in the USA?

Unfortunately, it is not. However, if you want to make it work as you like, you can use a VPN, as we have explained above. Then, a VPN will help you to access Hotstar.

Are Hotstar Hindi movies available?

Yes, Hotstar provides Hindi movies, and you can watch them on their official website. If you do not understand the language, you can enable the subtitles.


We are finally reviewing the top 7 Hotstar alternatives. As in our previous article, we provide each advantage, disadvantage, and the main feature of every movie streaming site. We also leave you some frequently asked questions about Hotstar. Do you want another article like this? Please wait for our next upload, and stay tuned!

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