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Best 7 Alternatives to XMovies8 to Enjoy Movies and Series

Aaren WoodsAaren WoodsUpdated on Jan 11, 2023Movies

XMovies8 is one movie streaming platform you can see on the Web. It has numerous movies and TV shows. Nevertheless, upon searching for it, we discover that it is unsafe to use and watch movies and download them. Therefore, this article recommends the top 7 alternatives to XMovies8, including their advantages and disadvantages. Please read them now!

XMovies8 Alternatives
1. Overview of XMovie8 2. Top 7 Alternatives to XMovie8 3. FAQs of XMovie8

1. Overview of XMovie8

What is XMovies8?

Watch TV shows and movies using the XMovies8 streaming movie site or XMovies8 TV. It is a free website and offers free TV shows and movies. Yes, it is not famous like other movie streaming sites but it provides numerous latest movies.

In addition, it offers HD-quality movies without paying for them. Therefore, XMovies8 allows you to watch movies without limitations. It does not oblige you to sign up and be a member. Since it covers a comprehensive streaming site, you can also use this site to visit their official page, such as,,,, and xmovie8 org.

Furthermore, XMovies8 provides a vast number of movies you will watch anytime, especially if you are bored. So much so that we believe that you will also want to know the advantages and disadvantages of XMovies8 so let us proceed to them.

It offers up to 200,000 Hollywood blockbuster movies.
It also offers numerous TV shows.
Its movies have HD quality.
It does not request you to sign up for them.
It is too sensitive because it redirects you to another Ads panel when you click everywhere on its sites.
Its movies are in HD quality only.
Its user interface is too primary.
It has a few categories.

Latest Movies on XMovies8

◆ Scrooge: A Christmas Carol

◆ Pentatonix: Around the World for the Holidays

◆ More Than I Remember

◆ Diary of a Wimpy Kid: Rodrick Rules

◆ Christmas With The Campbells

◆ A Wonderful Time of the Year

◆ The Guardians of the Galaxy: Holiday Special

◆ My Name is Vendetta

◆ Your Christmas Or Mine?

◆ A Thousand Years of Longing

◆ Scrooge: A Christmas Carol

◆ Darby and the Dead

◆ Heart of the Gun

◆ Lyle, Lyle, Crocodile

◆ Top Gun: Maverick

XMovies8 Comedy Movies

◆ The Snowball Effect

◆ A Christmas Story Christmas

◆ Matt Rogers: Have You Heard of Christmas

◆ Colin From Accounts

◆ Hotel for the Holidays

◆ A Hollywood Christmas

◆ A Christmas Cookie Catastrophe

◆ Jeff Duhman: Me The People

◆ Baking All the Way

◆ A Royal Corgi Christmas

◆ Glass Onion: A Knives Out Mystery

◆ Who’s A Good Boy

◆ Christmas on Mistletoe Farm

◆ Christmas in Pine Valley

2. Top 7 Alternatives to XMovie8

Pluto TV

XMovies8 Alternatives Pluto TV
It lets you watch movies and watch live on TV.
It has well-known movies you can watch for free.
It can be launched for mobile device browsers.
It is a non-movie channel.
Its movies cannot be rewatched unless it is on demand.
It is only suitable in some countries.

One of the XMovies8 alternatives is Pluto TV, a professional streaming site. Plus, it lets you watch movies, TV shows, and live channels on your Smart TV. Upon visiting its official site, you will see the options above, such as Careers, Partners, About Us, Where to Watch, and Support.

Then, when you click the Menu Icon on the left corner of its site, there are also many choices, like Watch Now, Live TV, On Demand, and more. We can conclude that Pluto TV has more options than XMovie8, and of course, if you want a more professional movie site, we recommend you to select Pluto TV. See how to use Pluto TV to watch movies here.


XMovies8 Alternatives Vumoo
It is a free site to watch TV series, shows, and movies.
It also provides the latest movies for free.
It offers a Preview feature to see the newest movies.
It has a dull user interface.
It redirects you to another Ad panel.
It has popping Ads everywhere on its official site.
Its movies and TV series are not well-organized.

You can also see some of the XMovies8 comedy movies in Vumoo. It is another alternative movie streaming site to XMovies8. And like another alternative site, you can visit Vumoo and watch TV series and movies for free. In addition, you will also access many Genres, Categories, and Sections for free. Plus, you can also wait for the newly added movies from time to time. (Do not miss Vumoo alternatives here.)


XMovies8 Alternatives Hotstar
Its user interface is excellent.
It provides many types of Tv shows and movies for free.
After subscribing to them, it will start buffering.
It has a problem with its subscription plan.
It does not provide live sports in the UK.
It offers an expensive subscription.
It is not compatible with different browsers.

Xmovies8's official site is too simple, and if you are looking for an alternative to it, you can use Hotstar. It has an excellent user interface that fits your needs. In addition, it will satisfy you with its user interface and many features.

Hotstar offers Indian Entertainment, Hotstar live shows, and Hotstar Disney Bundle on Hulu, Disney Plus, and ESPN Plus. For that reason, you will enjoy all the TV shows, series, and movies you want to watch. For more Hotstar alternatives, you can check them here.


XMovies8 Alternatives AZMovies
It has a user interface that is friendly and superb.
It has the newest movies that are added anytime.
It has Ads that appear anytime.
Also, its Ads are not appropriate and not suitable for children.
Its TV shows and movies need to be organized.

If there might be a problem with XMovies8, watch free movies on AZMovies instead. Yes, it is counted as one of the alternative movie platforms to XMovies8. The good thing about AZMovies, you can watch it on their official site without paying any penny.

In addition, on the disadvantages part, you have read that AZMovies provides Ads; indeed, it has. However, once you close them multiple times, you can continue watching without hesitation. Therefore, long patience is a must if you want to use AZMovies.


XMovies8 Alternatives Vudu
It has many movies with high quality.
It also has free movies that are easy to find.
It has the option to buy and rent a movie.
It is constantly adding new movies to its movie site.
Its free movies only last for a while.
It offers costly movies.
To watch without limitation, you must log in.

There is no doubt that Vudu is part of the alternative movie sites to XMovies8. If you are not aware, Vudu is a well-known movie platform you can use to watch movies in high resolution. In addition, it offers free movies. Nonetheless, if you want to purchase a movie, you can do so. Plus, you can rent them.

Aside from that, it has a unique feature that lets you use Gift Cards and Redeem them. Also, who will resist the user interface of Vudu? Anyone will appreciate the Vudu user interface because all the options are easy to find.


XMovies8 Alternatives Putlocker
It shows you the complete title of the movie and series.
It also shows the description of the movie and series.
It offers movie sites to watch the movies you have searched for.
Its user interface is too dull.
It is not guaranteed to be safe.

We include Putlocker as an alternative. Why? If you are unaware, the Putlocker site is different from a typical movie streaming site that offers movies and TV series. In addition, you cannot use Putlocker to watch movies and TV series immediately. So, what is the purpose of Putlocker?

Its purpose is to give the users or searchers the perfect movie site. For example, you will search for Kingsman: The Golden Circle. Then, Putlocker will provide you with a movie streaming platform that has a movie like Kingsman: The Golden Circle. Therefore, it does not provide you with movies, but it provides a movie streaming platform to watch the movie you like. More websites like Putlocker, you can find here.


XMovies8 Alternatives SolarMovie
It has a user-friendly interface.
It offers numerous TV series and movies.
It lets you download movies in high resolution.
It requires you to use a VPN to watch and download movies.
Its Ads are inappropriate.
In addition, its Ads have viruses. Therefore, do not click them.
It is not 100% safe to use.

The famous downfall of XMovies8 is its user interface. So, if you want to use a movie streaming platform with an excellent user interface, you must choose SolarMovie. The user interface is not that significant. However, it helps the watchers stay on the movie site because of the superb user interface, which is the advantage of SolarMovies. Also, you will enjoy watching it because of the numerous movies and series. For more good alternatives to SolarMovie, you can refer to it here.

3. FAQs of XMovie8

Is XMovies8 safe?

Since we reviewed XMovies8, we can say its safety is not guaranteed. How can we say that? We discover that it contains too much illegal content and piracy. That is why Ads are nonstop. In addition, when you use XMovies8 to download movies, you will break the law because downloading on an illegal site is against the law.

Is XMovies8 down?

We cannot say that XMovies8 is down. If you visit its official site, you can still access the movies and TV shows on XMovies8. However, if you cannot visit the official site of XMovies8, you can choose the other website of XMovies8 and see them above this article.

Does XMovies have another section?

Yes, it has. Based on the research, we found out that the other sections of XMovies8 are Animation English Movies, Adventure English Movies, Hindi Movies, and Telugu Movies.


It is clear that XMovies8 is unsafe and contains illegal content and piracy. For that reason, in this article review, we provide the top 7 alternatives to XMovie8, namely, Pluto TV, Vumoo, Hotstar, AZMovies, Vudu, Putlocker, and SolarMovie. Also, we leave some questions and answers that might help you with your queries. Overall, we appreciate your time reading this. If you want a review article like this, we will see it again in our next one!

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