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All You Need to Know about the Free MP3 Music Player for Immense Sound Trips

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Auditory arts have proven to be helpful specially with calming our minds. Therefore, if you are stressed with your work, you could listen to music and ease your state of mind. However, to make that thing possible, you will need a great music player that will bring an extraordinary experience of listening to music. Also, it also proved that music players possess various essences for different people. Media personnel and editors use such software in making their works more effective and efficient to the masses.

Since, we all know music players are important. We gathered the best audio player that will truly bring amazing features and functions for you. Not to mention, that these players are all free and can be easily accessed. Without further ado, here are the ultimate reviews of the top seven free music players especially for your mobile devices. Check them out.

Best Free Music Player
Part 1. Best 7 Free Music Player Part 2. Comparison of Top 7 Free Music Player Software Part 3. FAQs of Best Free Music Player

Part 1. Best 7 Free Music Player

Since our previous articles, a lot of users are asking about the best music player they can utilize with their mobile phones. It is about time to gather numerous music players that are compatible with your mobile phones. Some of these audio players can be downloaded from Play Store and Apps Store. Let's get started.

Bluraycopys Free Blu Ray Player


Overall Rating: 4.3

Platforms: Windows 10, 8, 7, Vista, and XP (SP2 or later)

Price: Free to download

Bluraycopys Free Blu Ray Player is one of the best music players that is free to download. This audio player is making its name through providing amazing features unlike any other software. As an overview, Bluraycopys Free Blu Ray Player focuses on playing different discs and videos. However, it can also be used for listening to music with smooth playbacks.

Free Download Free Download

It supports playing a wide variety of audio file extensions that includes FLAC, WAV, WMA, MP3, MP2, AAC, AC3, AIFF, and M4A. In addition, it does not actually demand too much system requirements. All you just need is an Intel Core2 Duo 2.4GHz processor or equivalent AMD Athlon processor or higher suggested. At least 1 GB RAM and an internal or external Blu-ray drive.

Capable with many things.
Supports tons of audio formats.
Effective and efficient.
Free to Upgrade.
Limited function on free version.
Availability of ads on the website.



Overall Rating: 4.1

Platform: Windows and Mobile Devices

Price: Free

AIMP is another free music player that offers great features. Talking about its overview, it has integrated utilities like audio libraries for managing and organizing your playlist and tracks. It is designed with sound quality to make your listening experience filled with fun. In fact, it can process up to 32 bit crystal clear sound, plus an 18 band graphic equalizer with built in sound effects.

Other than being an audio player, it also has the capability to record sound, convert audio, grab and tag editing tools. Overall, this player really possesses great functionality and intuitive interface that made it on the list of being the best.

Playback of music is incredible.
Completely free music player.
Support a wide variety of audio formats.
Amazing audio processor.
Manual adding of tracks.
The feature of video playback is flawed.



Overall Rating: 4.4

Platform: OS X 10.6+

Price: Feee

Enqueue is the most elegant music player for OS X users out there. This player is fast and lightweight, its minimal design and interface make that possible. In terms of its key features, it provides a folder monitoring where it will monitor the things you are doing with your playlist and tracks. Other than that, it has an extensive audio file format support including MP3, MP4, ACC, OGG, FLAC, WAV, AIFF, Muse pack and more.

In addition, playing your music using Enqueue will now be done instantly because of its keyboard media keys and customizable global Shortcuts. In addition, some of the cool stuff about this player, it is the last .FM support and growl notification in the market. It also has the ability to import iTunes Library.

Cool music player.
Connected with iTunes Library.
Clean interface.
Affordable audio player.
For OS X users only.



Overall Rating: 4.1

Platform: Windows, Mac, Mobile Devices

Price: Free

Musicolet is a free music player application. This is available in almost every download store for both computer and mobile including Google Play Store, Galaxy Store, Amazon Appstore, AppGallery, and more. This music has been trusted by tons of users with 5 million downloads. It is truly a great player that possesses a rate of 4.7 out of 5 with over millions of respondents. In addition, it is also the only Android music player that supports multiple queues.

Also, it does not require an internet connection, and can surely be utilized when offline. Well, even though it is an offline player you may still enable the embedded lyrics. Overall, to define Musicolet in short words, it is the most simple and yet music player on the list. A great choice for Android users.

Great player for Android users.
Offline audio player.
Supports .LRC file extension.
Customizable notification.
Limited features.
Does not offer unique features and functions.

BlackPlayer EX

BlackPlayer EXx

Overall Rating: 4.2

Platform: Mobile Phones

Price: Free

BlackPlayer EX is another the best and powerful music player commonly used with mobile devices. This player will allow you to play music instantly and effectively. BlackPlayer EX will give you the full control in modifying and customizing the EQ preset to control your audio. Also, changing your color accents with different colors is allowed here.

In addition, a better grid size is one of the factors that will define your process of using it. Make sure to set the proper size of your grid so that you will get comfortable in using it. For that being presented, we can say that BlackPlayer EX is really an amazing player especially among Android users.

Right choice for Android.
Easy to use player.
Customizable settings.
Adaptive UI.
Minimalist interface.
Limited features.
Just intended for mobile devices.
Bugs occur sometimes.

Poweramp Music Player

Poweramp Music Player

Overall Rating: 4.3

Platform: Androids

Price: Free

Another free MP3 music player for Android is the Poweramp Music Player. This one of the competitors BlackPlayer EX in the market. Although the two music player applications are doing great in providing services to the users, we just cannot prevent diversity sometimes. In terms of the key features of Poweramp Music Player, it has an audio engine that will allow you to play a wide range of music file formats. It has a 10 band optimized graphical equalizer for the supported format.

In addition, this also possesses stereo expansion, mono mixing, balance tools, tempo control, reverb effect, and more that will surely help you achieve an immense experience of sound trip. Overall, there are more functions and features that this music player may offer. You may start installing it in your phone to try it.

Unique features are provided.
Friendly user.
Visual themes are cool.
Blur effect interface is available.
Offers organized libraries and files.
Buggy experience sometimes.

iTunes Player

iTunes Player

Overall Rating: 4.4

Platform: Windows, Mac, Mobile Devices

Price: Free to download

iTunes Player is the last on the list, but actually of the best among the rest. Aside from being the best music player that is almost available with any devices, it is also called the most elegant audio player in the market. All of these titles were labeled to iTunes players because the developer is making sure to offer the greatest function for their users. Through this application, you now enjoy an unstoppable listening experience while utilizing the amazing features of it. Such as the cross-fade function, add to queue feature, and clean library and easy playlist making.

Known and trusted by many.
Great features are offered.
Affordable premium account.
Safe to use.
It requires an account.
Overwhelming to use at first.

Part 2. Comparison of Top 7 Free Music Player Software

Compatible with Mobile Devices Crossfade Features Customer Support Rating User Interface Rating Smooth Playback
4.3 4.3 Super Smooth
4.2 4.2 Smooth
4.0 4.6 Smooth
4.1 4.3 Smooth
4.2 4.3 Super Smooth
4.1 4.2 Smooth
4.4 4.5 Super Smooth

Part 3. FAQs of Best Free Music Player

What music player can I use on my PC?

Fortunately, there are tons of music players you may use on your computer. In accordance with the users, it is highly recommended to use iTunes and Musicolet.

What is the best medium for the best experience in listening to music?

The medium is not actually necessary in listening to music, however there are some specs that we need to consider. Like the audio capability of your devices. Sometimes, the RAM will also give an effect on the performance of your player.

May I utilize iTunes on my Mac OS?

Definitely, iTunes Player supports almost every device. Basically, there is no way that you cannot utilize iTunes Player on your Mac.


Therefore to conclude, these free music players for PC and Mac OS X will definitely give you amazing functions in playing your music. Different music that will surely help you to grind effectively and efficiently. At this moment, there is only one thing you need to do- choose. Hopefully, this review helped you find the standards you want to see in your music player. Also, let us extend the help by sharing this article to a friend that is looking for a player just like you.

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