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Screen Mirroring App Review: A Screen Mirroring Tool for iPhone and Android

Jovit SantosJovit SantosUpdated on Aug 25, 2022Screen Mirror

Conveniently, having a screen mirror software that does not require a USB data cable is excellent. Is that possible? Of course, using Screen Mirroring App, you can connect your device to the computer using a provided QR Code and ID Code. This review will help you know more about this software, especially its main features and functions. Please read it now.

Screen Mirroring App Review

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Our Verdict What is Screen Mirroring App Screen Mirroring App Review FAQs of Screen Mirroring App Alternative - Aiseesoft Phone Mirror

Our Verdict

It has the best device support.
It has unique features.
It offers fast customer support.
It is a wireless screen mirroring app.
It has minimal features.
Its quality is super low.
Its free version has limitations.
Upon using the free version, it requires you to watch an Ad to use the screen mirror feature.
You will experience lag while mirroring your screen.

Overall Ratings

8.0 Overall




What is Screen Mirroring App

Best for: Mirroring your devices, desktop, etc., wirelessly anytime and anywhere.

Price: For iOS devices, the price starts at $3.99; For Android devices, it costs $4.99.

Platform: Android, iOS, Windows, Mac, Chromebook, and Linux. Screen Mirroring App is also applicable for Projector, Fire TV, Smart TV, and more.

Main Features

Screen Mirroring App is one of the number 1 screen mirror software over the internet. It can mirror your iOS devices and Android devices. It can also mirror your Windows and Mac screen for free!

The good thing about Screen Mirror App is it allows you to use it wirelessly. That means you do not need to use cable cords or USB cables. To start the screen mirroring process, you only need to scan the QR Code or enter the ID Code that Screen Mirror App will provide using their website.

Here are the main features of the Screen Mirroring App; please see them below:

◆ It can mirror the screen of your Mac and iOS device.

◆ It can also mirror your Windows, Android devices screen, and more.

◆ It allows you to screen the mirror wirelessly.

◆ It can mirror your entire screen, including your videos, photos, games, apps, websites, documents, etc.

◆ It provides you with a mirroring preview.

◆ It lets you mirror your desktop screen into devices.

Screen Mirroring App Review


Screen Mirroring App Interface

In this part, we will see the interface of the Screen Mirror App on the device and the desktop screen. In the first picture, we used an Android device, and you will see the Screen Mirroring on the upper part of the device. You will also see two boxes that have instructions from Screen Mirroring App.

In the second photo, you will see the mirrored Android device and its entire screen. Then, on the third photo, it is the interface of the Screen Mirror App on your desktop. Of course, you will see what is on your device since you are mirroring it. The only difference on the desktop is it has a Player Control like Play and Stop. It also allows you to control the Volume, Full Screen, etc.

Overall, the interface is not as much as appealing, unlike other screen mirror software. However, it mirrors your devices effectively, and you can download Screen Mirroring App for APK for PC, Laptop, and Android.

Watch Movies on your Desktop using an Android device on Screen Mirroring App

Screen Mirroring App Watch Movies on Your Desktop Using Android Device

Supposing you are not satisfied watching movies on your Android device, Screen Mirroring App lets you screen mirror your Android device into the browser to watch movies on a bigger screen. Screen Mirroring App is straightforward to use, and in just a few clicks, you can watch your favorite movies on your desktop.

To proceed, you need to start the receiver by opening a Web Browser and the website. Then, you can begin the Mobile app by downloading Screen Mirroring App on your Android device and launching it. Lastly, scan the QR Code from the Website or enter the ID Code. That how simple it is!

Screen Mirror your Desktop Screen to your Android Device using Screen Mirroring App

Screen Mirror App Screen Mirror Your Desktop To Your Android Screen Using Screen Mirroring App

Some people use this feature whenever they want to share their desktop screen with their friends or colleagues. Allow us to give you an example; for example, if you want to share your desktop screen with your friend, it is possible even if you are far away from your friend.

It seems impossible, but it is not. As a matter of fact, it is manageable to use, and you can do it with just simple clicks. To start mirroring your desktop to an Android device, you need to open the Screen Mirroring App Sender on your desktop.

Then, on your Android device, proceed to the URL tab and enter the website of the Screen Mirroring App and type the ID Code from your Android device. And that is it! You can now share your computer's screen with your friend's Android device. Moreover, you can also use these features for your work presentation, etc.

FAQs of Screen Mirroring App

Is Screen Mirroring App safe and secure to use?

According to Screen Mirroring App, they respect every user's privacy and every user’s rights. They also said their top priority is protecting your data at all costs. In addition, they want to be apparent to every user why they collect user data. It is for customer support, product improvement, future development, security, safety, dispute resolution, product performance analysis, and communications and product announcements.

Can I use a USB data cable to connect my iOS device to my Mac?

No, you will no longer use a USB data cable to connect your iOS device to your Mac. Why? Because Screen Mirroring App makes your life easier by wirelessly connecting your devices to your computer. The good thing about this is Screen Mirroring App lets you connect by providing the QR Code and ID Code. In short, it is speedy to connect with Screen Mirroring App.

How to extend my Windows to the second screen on another device?

First, you need to create a Virtual Display. What is it? Download the BetterDummy on your computer to create a virtual second screen. Next, you can now start the Desktop App on your available website. After that, launch the link from Screen Mirroring App on your Web browser on another device and choose the virtual second screen.

Alternative - Aiseesoft Phone Mirror

Screen Mirroring App Alternative Aiseesoft Phone Mirror

The worst disadvantage of the Screen Mirroring App is its quality and lagging while using it. Every user does not want that hassle and the desire to have a better screen mirror software, right? The great news is that we have prepared the best alternative for Screen Mirroring App in this part.

It is an Aiseesoft Phone Mirror, the number one screen mirror software you can have! It only costs $15.96 as starting price with the bulk of features. Here are the features that you can consider. Please see them below:

◆ It can mirror your iOS and Android device.

◆ It can mirror your audio on your devices.

◆ It can record your screen while mirroring it to another computer.

◆ It can take snapshots while mirroring the device’s screen.

◆ It allows you to shift your Window with Toolbar or without Toolbar.

◆ It provides a Recording History where you can view your recorded output.

◆ It also provides a Whiteboard that lets you draw, input text, etc., on your device screen.

◆ It enables you to view your device screen with full screen and half screen.

Overall, Screen Mirroring App is an exemplary screen mirror software that you can consider upon using it. However, we only suggest a better screen mirror software for the best result!

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Did you learn something about this article review? We hope you do because we dig information about the Screen Mirroring App to develop this review successfully. Reviewing Screen Mirroring App, we discover its main interface, advantages, and disadvantages. Moreover, we hope you can consider using the alternative we provided mentioned above for better use. Like what we always tell you, see you again in our following review!

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