1. Why Are My Photos Blurry?
2. 2 Solutions to Unblur an Image
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How to Make a Blurry Picture Clear to Get High-Definition Pictures

Skylar ReidSkylar ReidUpdated on Feb 21, 2023Photo Editor

Have you been trying to figure out how to clear up a hazy picture? Now and again, we are all compelled to deal with this circumstance. Despite taking dozens of clear images, you might discover that the ideal shot was fairly blurry. This blurry picture can ruin the experience and the account of saving your memories and tasks, especially when working for a media company. So, how can we correct such a situation? Thankfully, we have access to a wide range of techniques. This post will introduce you to three very different approaches to clarify a hazy image; at the conclusion, we'll compare them all to determine the most effective. Please look at the most important methods we can apply to make a picture less blurry.

How to Make a Picture Less Blurry
1. Why Are My Photos Blurry? 2. 2 Solutions to Unblur an Image 3. FAQs about How to Make a Picture Less Blurry

1. Why Are My Photos Blurry?

Improper shutter speed usage is the most frequent cause of a blurry image. The likelihood of camera wobble decreases with increasing shutter speed. This is especially true when using a handheld camera. Nobody will ever be able to hold a camera steadily enough while hand holding it at slow shutter rates. This restriction will often be in the range of 1/60th sec. It's up to you how slowly you can move your shutter speed. Testing it out is the only certain way to know for sure. Using a slower shutter speed, take numerous pictures of the same scene each time. Examine the outcomes to understand the slowest shutter speed at which camera wobble is visible.

Remember that your chosen topic also influences the minimum shutter speed. A faster shutter speed may be necessary if you take pictures of a moving subject. However, the most common reason, there can be a huge factor that the resolution of your CameraCamera is low, as we all know that mobiles phones possess further clarity than the CameraCamera.

2. 2 Solutions to Unblur an Image

Solution 1: Using an Image Enhancer Tools

There are numerous Image Enhancers nowadays that can help us in making our photos less blurry. In connection with that, here are the three software/applications you can use to enhance your blurry photo.

Tool 1: Fotophire Focus

The first tool we'll introduce is a program called Fotophire Focus. The sample version or the full version of this PC program can be downloaded from the Wondershare Official Website for both Mac and Windows operating systems. Because of Fotophire's user-friendly interface, we chose it above other well-known PC graphics editors. The resources are simple to use and ideal for those just starting. For that, this tool is a great choice if you want to make a picture clearer because it offers features that can make us enhance photos from different situations like blurry, pixelated, and more. Kindly see a few guides on how to use it below.


It is simple to open your image with the Fotophire focus editor. Click the Open button after the main hub has opened.

Foto Open Image

The one-click sharpen tool will be the first instrument we employ. This instrument can be found in the Presets menu. Click the Sharpen button to get started. A button to automatically sharpen your hazy photo.

Foto Sharpen Photos

The middle of the top menu bar is where you'll find the save icon.

Foto Save Image

Tool 2: Photoshop Express

The next tool we'll discuss for making a hazy image clear is a mobile application. Therefore, if you love mobile photography and have so many blurry photos, this application can help you too. We're going to demonstrate the Photoshop Express app in particular. The features are far more constrained, but the functionality is identical, making this small Photoshop editor by Adobe much more user-friendly than the standard Photoshop CC. Then, see these steps to help you.


Once the app has finished downloading, click the Open button on the download page or the app shortcut on your Phone's home screen.


A Magic Wand tool in the program will immediately clear up a fuzzy picture. The top menu toolbar is where you may find this wand.


A magic wand tool in the program will immediately clear up a fuzzy picture. The sliders at the bottom of the screen can also be used to modify the enhancement. This wand can be found on the top menu toolbar.

Adobe Express Magic Wand

Tool 3: AnyMP4 Image Upscaler

We are now down to the unique tool for making the blurry image clearer. An online tool called Image AnyMP4 Image Upscaler improves photos and images to the exact pixel size. It uses artificial intelligence to improve the clarity and sharpness of images in JPG, JPEG, and other formats. What is best about it is its simplicity and high-quality output. Let us now see how it can be used with ease.


You can upload an image you want to enhance by clicking the Upload Your Photo button or dropping it into the drop zone.

AnyMP4 Image Upscaler Save Image

The photo can be magnified by up to 200%, 400%, 600%, and 800%. The larger percentage you get, the clearer image you will have.

AnyMP4 Image Upscaler Upload Files

For the improved image to be downloaded, click the Save button and see the clearer version of your image .

AnyMP4 Image Upscaler Upscale Image

Solution 2: Change Camera Settings Before Taking Pictures

One of the best things to do to have a less blurry picture can be done before taking pictures. That means we can change the settings of our CameraCamera on the Phone to ensure we capture clearer and greater images. Here are the steps we need to follow to make it possible.


The first thing we need to do is to open the CameraCamera on our Phone.


After that, kindly find the icon for Setting. It is most likely in the upper part of the interface.


On the new tab, please look at the Image Size and set it to the highest resolution possible.

Change Camera Setting

3. FAQs about How to Make a Picture Less Blurry

Why is my Android camera taking blurry pictures?

The most obvious cause of blurry phone images is a dirty camera lens. In addition to immediately causing blur or distortion, dirt on the lens can also prevent your Phone's autofocus system from working properly. Use a fresh microfiber cloth designed for eyeglasses or camera lenses to clean your lenses. Wipe the camera lens and laser sensor carefully with a soft, clean cloth to clean them. Clean the camera lens if your pictures and videos appear foggy or the CameraCamera won't focus. Clean the laser sensor if your Phone has one. Find the location of the lens and sensor on your Pixel or Nexus handset.

Can AI improve faces in pictures?

Yes. AI is now sophisticated enough to distinguish faces in photographs automatically and improve them with sharpening or editing. For example, with VanceAI's Image Enhancer, you can automatically improve the face in images no matter how they are colored, enlarged, or sharpened. Or, you might employ certain AI image quality enhancers, frequently used to improve AI face in photographs.

What distinguishes image enhancement from image enlargement?

Your images can be improved overall with a photo editing program. The former is typically used to enlarge a photo while maintaining or improving its quality, whereas photo enhancers let you improve a photo's resolution, clarity, color, and tone.

Which resolution is better, 300 or 72?

For printing purposes, a photo of excellent quality is one with a 300 DPI resolution. Higher quality equals more dots. PPI, or pixels per square inch, refers to the number of light squares that may fit into a single inch on a monitor. Because it will seem pixelated, like the right half of the image above, a 72 PPI image is inappropriate for print.


There you go, the best ways to improve the quality of your image by making them clearer In this article, we can see three of the great photo enhancers for making our photos clear. However, if you are looking for recommendations, many users say that AnyMP4 Image Upscaler is a great tool with high-quality performance. This tool will not be a regret to use for making our blurry images clearer than ever.

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