1. Sharpen an Image in Photoshop
2. Sharpen an Image online
3. Sharpen Images in Adobe Illustrator
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How to Sharpen Photo on PC and Mobile

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Sharpness and crispness of an image are prerequisites in capturing a photo. That is why having the right settings and photo mode when capturing a photo is a must. However, there can be times when we can see our photos blurry. No worries, because it is only a common event that photographers are experiencing. For that, this article exists to show you how to sharpen the image using different software, applications, and online tools.

How to Sharpen Images

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1. How to Sharpen an Image in Photoshop 2. How to Sharpen an Image Online 3. How to Sharpen Images in Adobe Illustrator 4. How to Sharpen Image in Adobe Lightroom 5. FAQS about How to Sharpen Image

1. How to Sharpen an Image in Photoshop

Sharpening your photos in post-production is an excellent way to enhance details or improve image quality before printing. There are several ways to sharpen your photos in Photoshop that are more versatile than the normal sharpening slider found in most photo editing programs. An Unsharp Mask is one of Photoshop's best ways to sharpen your photos. For that, here is the complete guide on how to use Adobe Photoshop to sharpen an image easily.


Open your Image in Photoshop. If you intend to make other changes to the Image, you can Duplicate the background layer by pressing Control + J (Windows) or Command + J (Mac). We will, however, create a smart filter that will allow you to edit or delete the Unsharp Mask at any point during this method.


Convert to Smart Object by right-clicking (Windows) or control-clicking (Mac) on the layer you're working on.


A Smart Object icon appears in the Image's thumbnail, indicating that the layer is no longer a Rasterized layer.

PS Duplicate Layer Convert Smart Object

Zoom into the Image to see the Sharpening Effect more clearly. You can zoom in by going to View to see the Zoom in or pressing Control + + (Windows) or Command + + (Mac).


You can move the image by holding down the Spacebar and dragging it around to see every part.

PS Zoom in

To use the Unsharp Mask, go to Filter as you can see Sharpen, then select Unsharp Mask.


You can now make changes to your Image by adjusting the sliders at the bottom. The sliders function as follows.

◆ If you increase too much, the light areas will become completely white, while the darker areas will become black, resulting in an overly sharpened image.

◆ Increasing the Radius value expands the number of affected pixels beyond the edges. This example shows what happens when we increase the Radius from 1 to 20.

◆ The Threshold determines how much contrast there should be between pixels to consider them an Edge, and in this case, I will set it to 1 to ensure the Sharpening Effect is applied to the majority of the Image.

PS Radius Amount Threshold

2. How to Sharpen an Image in AnyMP4 Image Upscaler Online

The excellent AnyMP4 Image Upscaler Online is first on the list of online tools we can use for sharpening our images. This application is an artificial intelligence-powered image resolution enhancer that can do enough image quality and sharpen images. There is no watermark present. It is an online service that improves photos and images by adjusting the pixel size. Let us now learn how to use it to create a sharp image online with ease.


Upload the Image to be sharpened by clicking the Upload your Photo button or dragging it into the drop zone in the center of the main interface.

Anymp4 Image Upscaler Upload Files

Proceed to the next step once the photo has been uploaded. You can enlarge the image by 200%, 400%, 600%, or 800%. Selecting the highest percentage can also result in higher-quality and sharpened images.

Anymp4 Image Upscaler Upscale Image

After the editing process, your photo is now ready to save. To download the enhanced Image, click the Save button. Then, examine the Image on your computer.

Anymp4 Image Upscaler Save Image

That is the simplest way to improve our Image using the fantastic AnyMP4 Image Upscaler. This tool is more user-friendly than any other in this article. Use it right now to make the process of enhancing much easier. For more image upscaler tools like this one, you can refer to this review.

3. How to Sharpen Images in Adobe Illustrator

In this tutorial, I'll show you how to sharpen an image with Image Trace while changing the resolution. If you're sharpening a vector image, try the image trace option, and if image quality is a concern, try changing the resolution.

Method 1: Modifying Resolution

As we mentioned above, sharpening an image improves image quality, so changing your Image's resolution is one way to accomplish this. The resolution of screen images is usually 72, but you can increase it to 300 to improve image quality.


Open Adobe Illustrator and insert your Image.


On the main editing tab of the tool, please select Effect and see Document Raster Effect Settings from the overhead menu.

AI Document Raster Effect Settings

You'll see this dialog box, where you can change the resolution to High (300) or Other and manually type in the value. When you're finished, click OK.

As we previously stated, this is one of the imperfect solutions, so your image quality may improve, but you will not notice a significant difference in colors and edges.

Method 2: Using the Image Trace

There are two methods for tracing an image: the Pen Tool features and the Image Trace tool features. The Pen Tool is useful for tracing outlines, whereas the Image Trace Tool is useful for vectorizing raster images. We'll show you how to recolor and sharpen this sunflower image by tracing it.


Open Adobe Illustrator and insert the Image. Then, select the Image, and an Image Trace option will appear in the Properties and see the Quick Actions panel.


Select High Fidelity Photo from the Image Trace menu.

AI High Image Trace Fidelity Photo

Choose the traced Image and then click Expand in the Quick Actions panel.

AI Expand Photo

When you expand the Image, a Recolor option should appear under Quick Actions.


Click Recolor and use the color wheel to change the colors.

AI recolor Image

4. How to Sharpen Image in Adobe Lightroom

Adobe Lightroom mobile app possesses one of the best features for editing photos using our mobile devices. This is one of the leading editors that possess enormous users on iPhone or even Android devices. For that, let us see how we can use the Adobe Lightroom mobile app to sharpen the images we took on our devices. Here are the complete steps for doing it.


On Google Play Store for Android or App Store for iOS devices, download the incredible Adobe Lightroom and install it on your mobile device. After that, please launch it as we go to All Photos. You can have images by Importing them from your gallery.


After that, we can see all of our photos on the interface. Kindly click the Image you want to sharpen.


Clicking an image will now lead you to the main editing interface of the applications. From there, we can access all of the app's editing tools by looking at the bottom part. However, we only need the features for Details. Please click the Triangle icon below to continue.

Lightroom Add Image Details

At this moment, we can see the features under Details, from there, choose the Sharpening options and use the sliding bar to 1 modify the sharpness of your Image.


If you are now content with the share of your Image, we can save the image by clicking the Share icon above the interface and clicking Save to Device.

This tool also can upscale images to 4K resolution to get a higher sharpness.

Lightroom Sharpening Save to Device

5. FAQS about How to Sharpen Image

How to Sharpen Image Parts Selectively?

You can use selective Sharpening on images without using the sizing tool. For example, if someone's eyes sharpen, it may not always be necessary. Using portraits taken in India, I'll demonstrate how to select sharpen.

Why Is Image Sharpening So Important?

Sharpening possesses the ability to help bring out details in your Image that might otherwise be missed. Sharpen images without changing the colors to make them stand out or increase contrast and clarity to building shots. Also, sharpening an image can help increase the depth of field, bringing all of your shots to life and making your photo stand out.

Does sharpening an image make it even clearer?

Yes, not only clear but also crisp. Sharpening can improve the Image's clarity and crispness by enhancing the edges of objects in the Image. However, adding too much sharpness can make an image look worse or result in a loss of image detail. As you can see, the right amount of sharpness gives the photo a crisp appearance.


Those are the best tools we can use to get the sharpness we want on our images. We can see that there are tons of ways we can make the process possible. From there, if you are looking for the best way to do it, many users recommend using the amazing AnyMP4 Image Scaler Online for speedy editing of your photos. That is because this tool comes with very easy tools, and even new users or those in the field of editing can easily use it.

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