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Advanced IP Scanner Review

Advance IP Scanner Review: Secure Your Network and View Results Effortlessly

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Network scanners are relevant in computer networking. They scan the network to locate the connected devices and ensure their performance and security. Moreover, do you find your network secure? If you want to know, we have better software that we suggest. For that reason, you can use this software to scan your network.

We are introducing to you Advanced IP Scanner. It is reliable for detecting your computer's network, and it is also a portable tool. To learn about this software, it would be better if you continue reading this review until the end.

Advanced IP Scanner Review

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Our Verdict What is Advanced IP Scanner Advanced IP Scanner Review FAQs of Advanced IP Scanner Alternative - Angry IP Scanner

Our Verdict

It is easy to access share networks.
It does not require you to download and install it.
It is free to download and free to use.
It has a portable version.
It is perfect for IT users.
It has a simple interface.
It might delete all your stored data.
It is not suitable for iOS devices and Mac.
It has limited features.
It does not offer port scanning or network analysis features.

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8.1 Overall




What is Advanced IP Scanner

Price: Free

Platform: Android, Windows

Main Features

Advanced IP Scanner is free and safe to use network scanner software. And it can analyze the LAN, and this program will show you all the network devices. In addition, it gives you access and lets you share folders. It also provides a remote control computer, allowing you to switch computers ON and OFF remotely.

Furthermore, Advanced IP Scanner is built with Radmin’s Remote Administration Program. For that reason, it adds more to its capabilities. Advanced IP Scanner is most used for network admins to advance every user desiring to keep an eye on their network.

In addition, Advanced IP Scanner can be downloaded for free because it is a free program that can scan users' networks. Below, we will list its main features and see if they can help you base on your needs. Please take a look at them:

◆ It lets you detect Wi-Fi routers, shared folders, wireless devices, FPT, and many network devices.

◆ It also lets you perform a file transfer, voice chat, text chat, ping, SSH, etc.

◆ Advanced IP Scanner Mac address detection is supported.

◆ It also has Asset Tracking, Cloud Asset Inventory, Capacity Monitoring, and Event Logs.

◆ It can export results to CSV.

◆ It has a Remote Control using RDP and Radmin.

Advanced IP Scanner Review


Advanced IP Scanner Review Interface

Advanced IP Scanner indeed has a straightforward interface and a light blue color in every corner of the panel. Then, inside, it has a light gray color. On the upper part of the interface, you will see all the options such as File, Video, Settings, and Help.

Below, you will also see the Scan, Pause button, Subnet IP, Subnet C, Expand All, and Collapse All. Under that part, there is a Text Box and Search Box. You will also notice the Results, Favorite, Status, Name, IP, Manufacturer, and Mac Address.

It is indeed a good interface since you will no longer need to find the options you might need because Advanced IP Scanner provides all on its main interface. The most relevant thing about the software is that it has a straightforward interface, and Advanced IP Scanner did not fail you with its interface.

Scanning Networks, IPs, and Addresses using Advanced IP Scanner

Advanced IP Scanner Review Scanning Networks IPS and Addresses

Since we discussed the main interface and mentioned all the options you might need, you can now start using Advanced IP Scanner to scan networks. Again, scanning networks, ips, and addresses using Advanced IP Scanner are much simple and not time-consuming.

To do that, there is a Text Box on the upper part where you can search for the IP Address you want to scan. Then, it will generate all the network devices, including their Status, Name, IP, Manufacturer, Mac Address, and Comments.

When satisfied with the result, Advanced IP Scanner has the above feature where you can export the report you scanned as a CSV file. Therefore, even if you close the Advanced IP Scanner, you will no longer need to scan it because it is already exported as your copy.

Advanced IP Scanner - Portable Tool

You have to know more! Advanced IP Scanner is a portable tool; aside from you can use it by downloading and installing it, you can also use it without downloading and installing it since it is a portable tool. But how can you use the portable version?

When you open the Advanced IP Scanner installer, it will give a choice such as Run The Program or Go through the Standard Setup Process. You will install and use the software when you choose the option Run the Program.

However, when you choose the option Go through a Standard Setup Process, you will proceed to the Portable Tool. You must remember that the Portable Tool of Advanced IP Scanner will not make an extra or another folder and files on your system.

What does it mean? Advanced IP Scanner will provide temporary folders and files you need to run the application. In addition, Advanced IP Scanner will also not tamper with the registry entries on your PC.

Compatibility of Advanced IP Scanner

Advanced IP Scanner is kept minimum when it comes to its compatibility. It is compatible with Windows, and it is not compatible with Mac. Nonetheless, it can still scan the Mac Address and is included in its features.

Moreover, an Advanced IP Address does not yet require data with its operating system, memory, space, and CPU requirements. But, your computer must be running and compatible with Windows 10. So far, that is the one reminder you need to provide to use Advanced IP Scanner.

When your computer does have another version of Windows, and it is not a Windows 10, you can still try to use it, but Advanced IP Scanner is not promising you that it will a hundred percent work. However, there is still a significant chance it will work with the different Windows versions.

FAQs of Advanced IP Scanner

Is Advance IP Scanner safe to use?

Since Advanced IP Scanner is free, we decided to research its privacy because most of the time, the free software is not safe to use. Upon examining the safety of this software, it is confirmed that Advanced IP Scanner is secure to use. According to the software developer, they are firm and committed to respecting and protecting each user's privacy. They do not have the reason to use your information and discuss it o anyone.

How to scan RDP resources using Advanced IP Scanner?

Advanced IP Scanner lets you scan your RPD resources and access them with its program. In addition, it also lets you run the tracert, ping, and SSH commands on your PC. Therefore, it is easy to scan RDP resources, and you can find the details in the Settings.

Is it possible to save the identified list?

Based on Advanced IP Scanner, it is possible to save all the lists, as long as they are from identified devices and should be in the form of HTML, CSV, and XML files. For that reason, you can save them on the File Menu by tapping the Save As.

Alternative - Angry IP Scanner

Advanced IP Scanner Review Scanning Networks IPS and Addresses

One of the limitations of Advance IP Scanner is it doesn't seem compatible with iOS devices, especially on Mac. We believe that all users are not Windows users only; a lot of users are using Mac. It has a significant impact if the software is not compatible with Mac.

Furthermore, the alternative for Advanced IP Scanner is Angry IP Scanner; it has a clever name, but do not worry, it is not mad. It can be used efficiently, and with just a second, it will show you the scanned IP address and more.

Here are some of the features of Angry IP Scanner; we will only share a few since we will review it soon, and we hope you will also read it. Please see the features below:

◆ It is open source and free software.

◆ It can scan all local networks and the internet.

◆ It can also scan IP Range and random Files in any format.

◆ It can export results using various formats.

◆ It is extensible with a lot of data fetchers.

◆ It provides a command-line interface.

◆ It can scan Mac addresses, ports, and more.

◆ It is lightweight and cross-platform.

Supposing Advanced IP Scanner did not satisfy you in some parts, you can try Angry IP Scanner, which provides a 30-day free trial with unlimited use of PRTG.


It is a big help that we have an idea that Advanced IP Scanner is not compatible with Mac and works fine with Windows 10. In this review, we provide an alternative you can refer to if you are unsatisfied with an Advanced IP Scanner. Furthermore, we will see the same topic again in our next review article. So, stay tuned!

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