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3. IP Location Net Review
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Is IP Location Net Legit?: Let’s Review and Know the Answer to the Question

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As technology continually improves, beneficial features are also existing. The advancement of geolocation technology has enabled us to quickly locate objects via the internet. It has become an essential technology for everyday living, whether locating your lost pet with its GPS-embedded collar or finding your favorite restaurant. Furthermore, technology has evolved and is now being used on a larger scale by businesses. They use it to identify and target consumers based on their location. For that, we can see these features' roles in different professions. Indeed, it is a great feature that can help thousands of users.

In connection with that, this article you are reading exists as we provide you with the vital information we need to know about one of the helpful tools under geolocation technology. We will now give you a complete review of IP Location Net. We will talk about its features and how it can perform when using it. Let us now begin the study on the next part of this post.

IP Location Net Review
1. Our Verdict 2. What is an IP Location Net? 3. What is an IP Location Net? 2. IP Location Net Review 4. FAQ IP Location Net Review

1. Our Verdict

A user-friendly geolocation tool.
There are fantastic features available on the web.
The accuracy rate is not alarming.
The website is straightforward.
It offers extra features.
There is an automation process for seeing your IP Address.
There are many ads on the website
They lack information about their tool.
No community can help you in using it.

Overall Ratings

Many users have always sought simple tools and tried a few different packages. This one is user-friendly and complete and does not overwhelm us with ads and other distractions on the results page.

8.5 Overall


User Friendly:8.6


2. What is an IP Location Net?

IP Location Net

Price: Free

Platform: Windows, MacOS, IOS. Android and More

The IP geolocation API provides detailed information about your visitors' IP addresses. These data include country, city, latitude, and longitude. Also, the time zone, ASN, currency, and security information. API supports IPv4 and IPv6 addresses. The API also returns ASN, city population, country information, money, and postcode data, among other things. As we can see on their website, they used this tool to compile a list of the domain, network, and webmaster tools for developers and web admins. The devices are provided for ethical purposes only, and using them to harm others is strictly prohibited. In addition, many users enjoy it because all available tools are entirely free to use. Furthermore, suggestions and feedback on our instruments are welcome for better services. For that overview, we can say that IP Location Net is beneficial.

Main Features

We all know that this online software offers fantastic features for all users. As we end you being unaware of its features, here are a few lists of the tools we can enjoy when we use IP Location Net. Kindly see the features in bullet forms below.

◆ Show and Hide IP Address.

◆ Devices finder for Geolocation.

◆ Tool in changing IP Address.

◆ DNS Tools.

◆ Email Tools.

◆ IP Address Tools.

◆ SEO Tools.

◆ Security Tools.

◆ Web Tools.

◆ PDF Tools..

◆ Subnet calculator.

◆ Proxy check.

◆ Tracing email.

3. IP Location Net Review

DNS Tool

IP Location Net DNS tools

The first on the list of its features is the DNS Tools. We can now search the DNS system for a domain name's DNS records using this web tool. A AAAA, CNAME, SOA, NS, MX, and TXT records can be found. Check that SPF, DKIM, and DMARC records are correctly configured, so emails are not filtered as spam. Under it, we can also validate a DNS's sender policy framework or SPF authentication for a safe transaction. On the other hand, a feature of Reverse DNS lookup of the domain's hostname or IP address is also possible through it. Then, in the DNS system, you can look for DMARC records for the domain name.

IP Tools

IP Location Net IP Tool

The next feature we can use is the IP Tools. It can assist you in determining a computing device's IP address and locating its location. In addition, IP Tools can also be utilized to diagnose network issues and assist in network configuration. Therefore, using this feature, we can instantly find an IP address's geolocation, including city, region, and country. As well as to determine the public IP address of a computer connected to the Internet, it can be your computer or a computer of a particular user. Then this tool is also effective in examining your HTTP connection to see if a proxy protects your computer. Lastly, to track anyone's IP address, the IP tracker will generate a URL shortener too.

Security Tools

IP Location Net Security Tool

As we all know in the overview of this article, the tool is also effective in giving us features that can secure our devices and information. IP Location Net offers Security tools that will assist you in protecting your identity, privacy, and security. Check if your email address become compromised with our tools, and unshorten URLs before visiting suspicious sites. It is crucial, especially if you experience being dumped, so we can check to see if your personal information has been compromised. Next, we also examine whether an SSL Certificate has been correctly installed and can be trusted. This feature can prevent any harm to your device. In addition, encryption clears text into DES, MD5, SHA1, and Base64 formats with this tool. Checking the strength of your password to see how long it will take to crack is also possible.

Email Tools

IP Location net Email Tools

The next on the list is the Email Tool. These tools provide the functionality required to verify email addresses, validate deliverability, and trace the origin of an email. That means we can now quickly determine the origin of an email, including the IP address and location of the mail server. You can also check to see if an email address is valid and has a mailbox where emails can be received to check the legitimacy and prevent a scam Email.

Furthermore, it can also be effective if you send a test email with your server credentials to test your SMTP server. The DKIM validator looks for a DKIM selector in the domain's DNS TXT record. In the DNS system, look for DMARC records for the domain name. Lastly, this tool can validate the domain name's DNS MX records and test the SMTP sessions.

4. FAQ IP Location Net Review

What will it cost if I use the IP location API?

This IP Location API can be used for various purposes, including content personalization, geotargeting, geofencing, ad targeting, digital rights management, form auto-completion, etc. With the free plan, you can make 15,000 IP lookup API calls per month. Therefore, if you plan to utilize these features, it is essential to know the paid subscriptions begin at $15 per month.

What is the precision of IP-based geolocation?

The accuracy of a geolocation database varies depending on the database and element that can affect the process. Some developers claim to offer 98% to 99% accuracy for IP-to-country databases. However, typical Ip2Country database accuracy is closer to 95%. If neighboring cities are treated as correct, accuracy ranges from 50% to 75% for IP-to-Region and even a town. Given that there is no official source of IP-to-Region information, 50+% accuracy is quite impressive. As we sum it all up, the result is not a hundred percent accurate.

Is safe?

As we look at the reviews coming from the different users of the tools, almost all of them say that the device is incredible and helpful. In addition, we cannot see any review discussing bugs and viruses within the software. That means, preferring the user’s experience, we can say that the tool is pretty safe.

What exactly is IP-based geolocation?

Mapping of an IP address or MAC address process to the real-world geographic location of an Internet-connected computing or mobile device is known as IP-based geolocation. Geolocation entails, among other things, mapping an IP address to a country, region, or city and more.


As we sum it all up, that information gives the things we need to learn before utilizing IP Location Net. It is remarkable to know all of its features by reviewing the user's experience perspective. In addition, there are also descriptions of each component and how they are essential for our task and itinerary. In conclusion, we can give it a high rating due to its incredible features and performance. Although the tools are limited, it will not remove the fact that it is excellent. Lastly, if you enjoy this article and need more of it, you can visit our website for more Review articles.

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