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Legit Review of to Know IP Address (Windows, Mac, & more)

Jovit SantosJovit SantosUpdated on Jan 11, 2023Windows Tips

The internet world, or the Digital Word we are talking about in a millennial term, is vast as we expected. Every activity is already present in this place, such as studying, shopping, gaming, and more. Similar to our fingerprints, our distinctive feature is in the real world. We also have a specific attribute when we are using the internet. That is the IP Address, a unique element within our technology. In line with that, it is essential to know our iP Address, especially in understanding the location of our devices, letting your devices be on the blocklist or allowlist of your internet connection, and more.

For that, it is now evident that knowing our IP Addresses brings many benefits to how we use our computer devices, including mobile devices. Therefore, it is also essential to have a tool that we can use to know our IP Addresses. That is why check this article until the end as we review one of the tools that can help us see the IP Address within our device. This specific tool is Please continue reading and know its capability.

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Whatismyip Com Review

1. Our Verdict

Their website provides live support anytime.
It allows users to avoid annoying ad campaigns
It has lightning-fast speeds.
There are no complicated setups.
It is a bit of a bluff.
The website is not intuitive.
There are ads available.
8.2 Overall

Safety: 8.0



2. What is

Price: 10.00$

Platform: Windows, MacOS, IOS. Androoid, Router

One of the existing tools that can help us find our devices is the website of It can tell us what a VPN is, the IP Address of your computer, and prevent a spy on the internet. Furthermore, this tool possesses various features that can be used with different aspects of our multimedia tasks. Belongs to the tools with beneficial features it offers is the ability to protect all online accounts you have on your device. On the other hand, it is also available for VPN. automation feature kill switch is one of my favorite features. Then, when you lose your VPN connection, they will instantly shut down the software you want.

Those features are only an overview of what ability can give. There are more available, and we will tackle more of them below and in the next part of this article. Kindly continue reading for more.

Main Features

◆ Double Data Encryption encrypts your data twice.

◆ It is compatible with desktop computers, laptops, tablets, and smartphones.

◆ It has 3000+ servers in 59 countries around the world.

◆ It supports multiple devices and can be used simultaneously on up to six devices.

◆ A DNS leak resolver ensures that no data is leaked while you are connected to their VPN.

◆ It provides encrypted proxy extensions for Chrome and Firefox browsers.

◆ Adblocker: CyberSec feature blocks dangerous websites.

◆ They have a Strict No Logs Policy.

◆ It is anVPN service provider that accepts bitcoin payments..

◆ It allows you to stream content.

◆ It is also a VPN service that is P2P-friendly and unrestricted.

3. Review Pricing List

Although is an online tool, it does not mean it is free. They offer three kinds of subscriptions: Bronze, Silver, and Gold. Therefore, as we differentiate and earn the similarities of this subscription, please look at the table below. We will provide information about it. Subscription Plans Price Features
Bronze Free (Upgrade Anytime). Homepage Usage
Tool page usage
IPv4 and iPv^ detection of Data
Access for API.
Keys of API (1)
API Keys Calls.
API Access for SSL.
Data Return for API.
Silver 10$ Annually All of the features of Bronze.
Prioritizing for account support.
30 day money guarantee.
Gold 25$ Annually All of the features of Bronze and Silver.
Burst Protection for API technology.
API Limits (Scalable).
Browsing without Ads. Tools

Whatismyip Com tools Features

The first feature that can help users in their work is the different tools this software offers. Under this Tool feature, we have different categories Location Tools, Research Tools, Privacy Tools, and Security Tools. With the Location tools, you can now easily access the IP address, IP WHOIS, and email header analyzer. This feature is an effective way to expose the location of your device. Following that is the Research Tool, who possesses remarkable features. A few beneficial features it offers are the DNS Lookup, knowing your screen resolution, checking your internet connection speed, and more. Then, we also have the Privacy Tool that we can use for checking data breaching and seeing you are My User Agent information. Lastly, we have the Security Tools, which aim to strengthen the protection of your device password. Investigative Feature

Whatismyip Com investigate feature

Aside from different tools, we also have a feature that we can use for investigative purposes. The first is the social media users' ability to find the IP address of a Facebook user. Through this tool, we can also track different Emails and see if they are sent adequately to the right person and on time. In addition, it also offers the ability to track a person in the digital world. Overall, this feature is made to investigate. Learn Feature

Whatismyip com learn Features

On the other hand, this tool is also effective in teaching us some information we do not know about our computers. Through this tool, we may quickly learn various things such as information about Malware, Mobile devices, DNS, and more. In addition, this is one feature that allows the user to protect their device. Through the information it gives about Antivirus protection, we can now guarantee that there will not be any unwanted elements that can harm our computer. In addition, we will also understand what a DNS is and its purposes, especially in fixing the issues that occur within our computers. There are more features under this. We only need to use it and discover the maintenance features.

4. FAQ about Review

What is a port scanner?

A port scanner, also known as an open port scanner or IP port scanner, is a free tool that displays which network ports are available for communication. Also, determining whether or not a port is open can aid in the installation of IP security cameras. It also aids in determining whether a network is secure. A port checker or port scan tool can be used to check on other network-related operations and network admin features.

Can can find IP Address and country where my device is located?

Yes. possesses features that can show us our IP address with ease. Not only that, because it also contains tremendous tools such as the Location tools where we can see the location of our device including the country where your device is located. Indeed, a super flexible tool to use.

What features can I get with speed test?

When you start an internet speed test using, the website will send a file and calculate the time it takes for that file to arrive at its destination. The broadband speed test is reversed to determine how long it takes your computer to download your link. A graphical representation of the average rate for the data exchange displays both your upload and download results at the end of the broadband speed test. Some websites will even allow you to compare your results to those of other users in your area, giving you a more accurate picture of how well your link is performing.


A piece of mixed information about is given above this article. This information is legit, and the things we need to know about the tool. Indeed, there will always be positive and negative in a certain way, but it dies, and that tool is ineffective. You can utilize it on your own and personally experience its features. For that, may this article help discern if the device is worth trying? In addition, if you need more multimedia information, you can visit this website and discover more pieces that can guide you with your itinerary.

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