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What is Angry IP Scanner?
Angry IP Scanner Review

Angry IP Scanner Review: The Number One Free IP Scanner Software for All

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As a network administrator, you might need to find and get IP Addresses from different networks. For that reason, it is not an accident that you are reading this review because we have software that we will present to you. It is one of the best IP Scanner software on the Internet. It lets you scan networks, find IP addresses, and more. This review will also help you learn more about Angry IP Scanner. Start reading now!

Angry IP Scanner Review

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Our Verdict What is Angry IP Scanner? Angry IP Scanner Review FAQs of Angry IP Scanner Alternative

Our Verdict

It provides the features that you need.
It is user-friendly and reliable.
It has a simple user interface.
It is not necessary to download or install the software.
It offers additional unique features.
It is cross-platform.
It is free to use.
It is written in Java that serves as a security threat.
It has unwanted Adware contained upon installation process.
While installing it, many unwanted apps are popping up.
It does not provide a maximum amount of information that is detailed.

Overall Ratings

8.5 Overall



Speed in Scanning:8.5

What is Angry IP Scanner?

Price: Free

Platform: Angry IP Scanner works on Websites, Online, Mac, Windows, and Mac.

Main Features

Angry Ip Scanner is free software, and it is lightweight to use. It is also an open-source and cross-platform tool in order for scanning networks. Moreover, it can scan an IP range of the IP addresses that can find a live open port, hosts, and relevant information from each IP address.

In addition, even if you are an advanced user or even a beginner user, as long as you have an idea about programming, you can download Angry IP Scanner for free and start sourcing code. In this part, we will list all the software's features, which will surely help you. Please see them below:

◆ It is easy to configure and export different kinds of formats.

◆ It can multi-thread network scanning to conclude on fast results.

◆ It is flexible in exporting formats like TXT, CSV, and XML.

◆ It can save your favorite IP ranges and devices.

◆ It does not require you to create an account.

◆ It can scan networks, IP addresses, and more.

◆ It can scan ports.

◆ It has a graphical user interface, including assessment.

◆ It is extensible with numerous data fetchers.

◆ It offers a command line.

Angry IP Scanner Review


Angry IP Scanner Review Interface

As mentioned, Angry IP Scanner has a graphical and user-friendly user interface. Upon launching it, you will immediately see its main interface, and on the left side, you will also see all the options you can use, such as Scan, Go to, Commands, Favorites, Tools, and Help.

Moreover, at the bottom of those options, you will see more: IP Range, Host Name, IP, Setting, and the Start and Pause button. Then, you will proceed to the vast Table, which includes IP, Ping, Hostname, and Ports.

As you notice, Angry IP Scanner is not modern as it looks; it looks like a spreadsheet with extra features all over the interface. Nevertheless, once you start using it, you will appreciate the Angry IP Scanner interface's powerful features, especially during the scanning process.

The Extensive Data Fetchers of Angry IP Scanner

Angry IP Scanner Review Extensive Data Fetchers

This part will provide tips on the Extensive Data Fetchers of Angry IP Scanner. If you are not yet familiar with them, let us tell and explain them to you. The Extensive Data Fetchers bring specific details referring to the host. For example, you are finding the Hostname, Ping, and Ports.

In addition, Angry Ip Scanner provides you with three default fetchers. For that reason, you can see numerous Hostname, Ping, and Ports. Supposing you want to learn more about the details of the host, you can locate the button on the right corner of the Start button and click it.

Then, Angry IP Scanner will let you choose the new fetchers for your project, such as TTL, HTTP Sender, HTTP Proxy, Comments, Filtered Posts, Mac Address, Web Detect, NetBIOS Info, Packet Loss, and Mac Vendor. Just choose one of them and click the Add button, which will be added to the Selected Fetchers.

Start Scanning Networks, Pings, IP Addresses, and More

Angry IP Scanner Review Start Scanning Networks Ping IP Addresses and More

After all the configurations you set on Angry IP Scanner, you can start to scan, and in order to start the scanning process, you need to set the Scan Mode to IP Range, and you also need to enter the IP Address Range in the IP Address fields. After that, you can now start clicking the Start button.

As you can see on the screenshot, we have entered the IP Range known to have live devices connected to it. However, it will still depend on a number of addresses in the Range. Take note, and if the IP Range is too many, it might take some time to finish.

After that, when it is finished, Angry IP Scanner will provide you with a summary of what you have scanned. The scanned summary includes the number of open ports and hosts. Then, you will see the Scanning Completed and click the Close button.

Explaining the Colored Dots on the IP Address

Angry IP Scanner Review Explaining Colored Dots

Supposing you are wondering about the Colored Dots on the left side of the interface corner next to each IP Address, we will explain them to you. As you can see, there are the colors Blue and Red.

The color Red means that the IP Address is dead or inactive, and there are no longer devices connected to the IP Address. On the other hand, the color Blue means the IP Address is busy or active. Therefore, it does not respond to the requests sent by Angry IP Scanner.

To obtain more details about each IP Address, click one on the IP Address, and Angry IP Scanner will provide you with all the details it has gathered, such as IP, Ping, Hostname, Ports, Filtered Ports, and Comments. Moreover, you can also add comments on the text box like this IP address is dead, etc.

Trace, Export, and Save Routes on Angry IP Scanner

Angry IP Scanner Review Trace Exports and Save Routes

We will also talk about these features if you are not yet familiar with them. Angry IP Scanner has the power to Trace, Export, and Save Routes. While opening the IP Address on your Web browser, Angry IP Address lets you do all these. Just right-click on your target IP Address that you would like to trace. Then, select the Open button and click the Traceroute.

After that, Angry IP Scanner will show you the result, and you can start exporting by tapping the Export All button. Now, to be able to save the Routes, choose a Folder Destination on your File Explorer on your computer and tap the Save button. Now, you have your Routes!

FAQs of Angry IP Scanner

What do I need to prepare to install an Angry IP Scanner?

Supposing you downloaded the legacy version of this software from its official website, you do not have to prepare something and do not even need to install it. Nonetheless, if you need to install it, you must prepare a network adapter and fast and working Internet.

How can I run Angry IP Scanner on my Mac?

To run Angry IP Scanner on your Mac, you must sign this software into Apple to run it normally. In addition, it requires you to pay $100 to Apple plus other additional fees. After that, you can now run it by selecting the Open button. You can also use the Dark Mode feature Angry IP Scanner provides to Mac users.

How to add IP Address on the Favorites on Angry IP Scanner?

If there are instances that you might scan the same IP address in the future, you can add it to your Favorites on Angry IP Scanner. You need to go to its main interface. Then, on the upper part, you will see the Favorites and click it. From the first option, you will see the Add Current and click it. After that, start naming your IP Address on the text box and click the OK button.


Is there a reason why you are still wanting an Angry IP Scanner? If yes, we have an alternative that we can suggest to you. It is also on the famous IP Scanner on the internet. It is the Advanced IP Scanner. It has a lot to offer; however, it only works on Windows and Android.

We can share its features if you are curious about Advanced IP Scanner. Just read them below, and we will ensure you learn from them.

◆ It can detect Wi-Fi routers, wireless devices, shared folders, FPT, and network devices.

◆ It lets you perform a voice chat, file transfer, text chat, SSH, ping, etc.

◆ It enables you also export results to CSV.

◆ It can detect a Mac Address.

◆ It has a Cloud Asset Inventory, Asset Tracking, Capacity Mirroring, and Event Logs.

◆ It provides Remote Control using RDP and Radmin.

As mentioned above, Angry IP Scanner is an excellent free IP Scanner software. It has so much to offer also. Moreover, it is up to you which software you want to try and use.


Finally, we are done reviewing Angry IP Scanner. We know the entire software, including its features, pros, cons, and more. Plus, there is one additional software that you can use just in case you want to try another IP Scanner software. To end this review, you can leave us a comment and thumbs up. Until our following article!

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