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Reviewing InfoSniper: Is Best as a Geolocation, Mapping and Proximity Tool?

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As we exist in a digital age, technology is rapidly getting massive from time to time. That is why, nowadays, many applications exist to give us different services for different tasks we need to create. These devices are geolocation, mapping, and proximity search tools. These tools give us the process or technique of determining a person's or device's geographical location using digital information processed via the internet. On the other side, we can also do it for the website. That can be possible if we have an excellent tool for geolocating.

In line with that, in this article, we will review one of the latest tools that can help us in geolocation, proximity searching, and the mapping process of a person, device, or website. The information below is about InfoSniper. We will review its features and ability. In the end, we should know if it is excellent to use. Without further details, let us start with checking the tool.

InfoSniper Review
Our Verdict 1. What is infosniper? 2. InfoSniper Review 3. FAQ about InfoSniper Review

Our Verdict

Train users in a fun way.
Phish-sim is an excellent tool for simulating phishing attacks.
The most recent topic and material for training users.
Predefined and customized evaluation.
Phishing email templates in multiple languages.
Email content/template phishing.
Content for cyber security training.
Adding voice-over to the videos is impossible without paying extra.
Reporting in great detail.
More training materials for other departments' users, such as HR administrators, etc.
False positives result from phishing reporting via Gmail.
Updating users is not intuitive.

Overall Ratings

The amazing InfoSniper possesses a great security reporting system that can protect our devices. Although their hardware is not advanced, similar to others, it still performs great. The phishing simulation is also great and offers a friendly tutorial to the users.

8.6 Overall




1. What is InfoSniper?


Price: $27

Platform: Online tool

InfoSniper is the most recent geolocation, mapping, and proximity search WordPress plugin. It possesses outstanding features that can help users with their itinerary. Let us see what it all has.

The InfoSniper plugin assists you in determining where your website visitors are coming from. We accomplish this by utilizing our internal IP geolocation databases, which allow you to geo target 99.9% of users who visit your website precisely.

The best thing about it is they do not store any IP addresses parsed by the InfoSniper plugin or even transmit or pass them on to any third-party service. These tool’s servers process all Geolocation results safely and legitimately. In addition, when the InfoSniper plugin calls other servers, they parse the GeoData and return it to the plugin for storage on your WordPress server. That is only an overview of the tool. We can discover more features if you continue reading this review.

Main Features

◆ Keep track of all visitors to your website.

◆ You can sort them by country, city, or state.

◆ Display customization options.

◆ Sort by users, bots, potential threats, administrators, or display all.

◆ Detailed user logs that reveal all of your users' information.

◆ Shortcodes that display various maps and information to your website's visitors.

2. InfoSniper Review

Geolocation Automation

InfoSniper Web Interface

Using the tool can give you an automatic process of showing different information about your device. The process is straightforward. We just need to launch the website, and from ist interface will see an intuitive representation or a visual of a World Map. From there, we will see a location pin where your device is located. Then, you will notice under the map that information possesses different details about your devices. It includes your IP address, hostname, Timezone, location, and more. Kind sees the next part as we elaborate on the information it provides about your device. As we get to the purposes of this, we can now see the location and IP address of our devices using this tool. That means it is effective for mapping and tracking with ease.

URL Parameters

InfoSniper is also great in managing your website. That is why InfoSniper can locate the IP address of your website. Not only that, because using this tool we can also see the domain and location. For that, if you want to customize the output, you can use the following URL parameters in conjunction with one another. Please bear in mind that using the proper common is essential to prevent any problem within the process.

URL Parameter Commands Definition/Usage
/ Examine the IP address associated with your own visit.
/?ip_address=X Examine the IP Address X
/?domain=X Examine the domain X, which could be
/?map_source=X Choose a map provider: 1 for Google Maps, 2 for Windows Live Maps, and 3 for Yahoo Maps.
/?map_type=X Choose a map type: 1 for normal, 2 for satellite, 3 for hybrid (the default), and 4 for birdseye (Windows Live Maps only and if available)

InfoSniper’s WordPress Plugin

As we all know, InfoSniper has a feature called InfoSnipper's WordPress features that can give us an extraordinary ability in geolocation, proximity search plugins, and doing a process of mapping with a specific website, device, or user. This feature is mainly for your WordPress site. In addition, it is a plugin that serves as their interface for our geolocation services. In simple words, if you have a WordPress-based website and need to track your website visitors, the InfoSniper plugin is ideal for you.

Here is some information that we can use to utilize these features. We can see the information it can provide for us and shortcodes to utilize in WordPress.

InfoSnipper’s WordPress features
InfoSniper API Information Hoat
Country Code
Postal Code
Area Code
Time Zone
DMA Code
GMT Offset
Shortcodes for WordPress PlugIns [is-Map]

InfoSEC Feature

InfoSniper offers a unique feature that gives users a lot of tools. These tools are very effective, especially with many tasks we need to do under geolocation. Infosec IQ security awareness and training aim to provide employees with the knowledge and skills they need to stay cyber secure at work and home. The solution aims to present everything needed to prepare employees and strengthen the user's cybersecurity culture, with over thousands of awareness and training resources, Choose Your Own Adventure® Security Awareness Games, and personalized learning experiences.

The interface can be customized and personalized to match an organization's culture and its employees' learning styles. Through the feature of InfoSEC IQ, we can now do the following in geolocating, mapping, and proximity searching.

◆ Personalize employee training with role-based modules in various themes, styles, and lengths to engage learners.

◆ The training cadence and delivery to keep lessons relevant, challenging, and enjoyable − while also saving time.

◆ Integrate with endpoint protection, learning management systems, and security operations centers to simplify program management, reporting, and attack response.

◆ Analyze employee risk scores, learning outcomes, and reported phishing threats to predict − and mitigate − cyber threats.

◆ Improve programs by using actionable dashboard data to assist users in filling compliance training gaps and educating high−risk employees.

3. FAQ about InfoSniper Review

What are the best InfoSniper alternatives?

The first on the list is Geobytes. It contains a lot of interesting information, though it can not track a location's IP address down to the level of the town it's in, only as far as the ISP location. You will receive a Google map, but it will be of limited use because it will point to a different part of the country than where the address is located. Next is the MaxMind GeoIPhi, a basic IP location finder that can go as far as the town where the IP address originates. There isn't much information besides the ISP and organization, coordinates, domain, and three possible location codes.

Does Internet Explorer support InfoSniper?

Yes. InfoSniper is very welcome with Internet explorers. The tool offers features that can accelerate the process of mapping using InfoSniper on Internet explorer. We can now enjoy a times eight process within our internet explorer for those features.

Is there a code I can use for the GMT offset output under WordPress Plugins of InfoSniper?

Yes. We can use an available command to output your GMT offset. The power goes like this: [is-GMT]. Please enter the proper authority to avoid complications for your task.


InfoSniper is excellent in terms of geolocation and mapping. With the simple features, we can say that it is impressive and effective. In addition, we can see that it has a considerable accuracy rate that users love the most. Indeed, a great tool to use for your itinerary. In addition, if you are still looking for more information, you can visit our website and see more of it.

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