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Unblock Somebody on Instagram: The Art of Reconnection

Aaren WoodsAaren WoodsUpdated on Sep 18, 2023Social Media

With its extensive and complex network of connections, Instagram has ingrained itself into every aspect of our lives. It's where we express our happiness, interact with loved ones, and interact with the outside world. However, it isn't always a smooth ride like any network. For various reasons, you may occasionally block someone on Instagram to preserve your privacy, well-being, or sanity.

However, you may consider rekindling relationships, making amends, or simply moving forward as time goes by and circumstances change. This is where unblocking is useful. Unblocking someone on Instagram is a symbolic action that can lead to reconciliation, open communication, and the rekindling of online relationships. It's not simply about giving them access again. In line with that, let us examine the finer points of Instagram users unblocking in this in-depth article. We'll debunk the technique and examine its far-reaching effects on your online interactions.

How to Unblock Someone on Instagram

Table of contents

Part 1. How to Unblock Someone on Instagram Part 2. What Happens If You Unblock Someone on Instagram Part 3. If Someone Blocked Me on Instagram, How Can I Unblock Part 4. Hacks to Unblock Yourself on Instagram Part 5. FAQs about How to Unblock Someone on Instagram

Part 1. How to Unblock Someone on Instagram

Method 1: Using a Computer

Instagram is primarily a mobile application; therefore, it may make accessing some functions, like unblocking, easier. However, a web browser on a PC can be used to view Instagram. Using a computer, follow these general instructions to unblock someone on Instagram on computer. You should visit Instagram's official support or help center for the most recent instructions because the platform's user interface is subject to change over time.


On your computer, launch a web browser. Please, go to to access the Instagram website. Click Login in the top right corner of the Instagram homepage if you aren't already logged in.


After logging in, click on your Username or Profile Image in the top right corner of the Instagram homepage. You will then be sent to your profile Access Controls.


Now, we need to access Settings. On the left-hand side of the Settings page, there are several options. Then, select Privacy and Security.

Instagram Unblock on Web Setting Privacy

On the new parameter settings, there should be a Blocked Accounts option under the Connections section; select it.

Instagram Unblock on Web View All Blocked

Currently, all the people you've blocked are listed on the Blocked Account page. In the list, locate the person you wish to unblock. The Unblock button should be clicked next to their username. Then finally, there will be a confirmation pop-up. To confirm, click Unblock one more.

Unlike Instagram applications, unblocking using our computer might require more steps. You can see how we can do the process using our mobile devices in the next method.

Method 2: Using your Mobile Phones (iOS and Android)

Direct access to someone's account will allow you to unblock them. This allows you to ensure you aren't unblocking the incorrect account and, if you are, allows you to follow them afterward quickly. It will take some time to unblock many people this way, though.


We must open the Instagram application on our iOS or Android mobile phones.


As we unblock someone, visit their Profile Page and click the Unblock option.


Finally, we need to tap Unblock in the confirmation window to give them access to your account.

Instagram Unblock Someone Using Mobile Phone

That is the common and easy way to unblock someone on Instagram. This applies to Instagram mobile applications.

Part 2. What Happens If You Unblock Someone on Instagram

When you unblock someone on Instagram, your digital dynamic changes. It involves rekindling ties, for better or worse, not merely reopening doors. In this section, we'll dig into the results and ramifications of unblocking someone on Instagram.

The Reopened Relationship

When you unblock someone, you re-allow them access to your online space. Here is what transpires: Access to your profile: After being unblocked, the person can view your posts, stories, and other public stuff on your profile. They are once again able to see what you do online. Also, Commenting and Liking: After being unblocked, they can remark and like your posts just like any other follower. You and your other followers will be able to see how they engage.

Bringing Interactions Back

Passive visibility is only one aspect of unblocking. The lines of communication are once again open. Direct Messages: You are once more open to receiving direct messages from the unblocked user. Like any other communication, these messages will show up in your inbox. Mentions and Tagging: You can be tagged in their articles and stories, and you'll get notifications when someone does so, and Sharing Content: If you unblock someone, their followers will be able to see your posts and articles, broadening the audience for your writing.

Part 3. If Someone Blocked Me on Instagram, How Can I Unblock

You need access to a person's profile to ban or unblock them. You cannot do this if they have blocked you or deleted your Instagram account. Fortunately, even without this access, there is still a means to restrict or unblock them. Use the first approach to access your list of Blocked Accounts and unblock them there. However, you'll need to access your Instagram direct messages and ban them there if you want to do so.

Part 4. Hacks a Unblock Yourself on Instagram

When someone blocks you on Instagram, you can no longer see the posts on his account, but if the account is public, those posts will still be viewable from other accounts. Now, if the account is private, you must unblock yourself from that person's account before you may follow them. For that, here are the things we need to do to do it.

Tip 1: Creating an Account

Even though opening a fresh Instagram account can sound dramatic, it might be a good option to get back into someone's profile, particularly if your prior account has been blocked. Here is how to go about it:


Please create a fresh Instagram account with a different Email or Phone number.


The second step is to make a New Username that the person who blocked you won't immediately recognize.


Use your New account to look up the person's profile.


Send them a follow request or try to interact with their material if you find their profile.

However, there are moral issues with this strategy. It's crucial to respect the other person's limits and preferences to avoid becoming intrusive or manipulative if you create a new account to reconnect with someone who has blocked you.

Create IG Account

Tip 2: The Request for Unblocking

Sending a request to unblock the person who has blocked you is one of the easiest ways to go about it. Here is how to go about it:


Open your Instagram account and log in. Now, we need to type the Username of the person who blocked you into the search field.


Next, tap on their Profile. If you've been blocked, you won't be able to access their posts or stories, but you should still be aware of the situation.


Usually, a button says Send Unblock Request next to the phrase You're blocked. Tap on it. The person will receive a request to unblock you. They will be given the choice of accepting or rejecting it.

This button also works, when your Instagram is not working.

Instagram Requests Unblock

Please be aware that this technique depends on the individual agreeing to unblock you. Your request won't be granted, and you won't be unblocked.

5. FAQs about How to Unblock Someone on Instagram

Can I unblock someone on Instagram?

Yes, you can unblock someone on Instagram. Instagram provides users with the flexibility to reverse the action of blocking. To unblock someone, navigate to their Profile, tap on the three dots or the options menu, and select Unblock.

If you unblock someone on Instagram, will they know?

No, Instagram does not notify the person you've unblocked. The unblocking process is discreet, and the unblocked person won't receive any notifications or alerts regarding this action. It's a private choice made by the user who initiated the block.

Can I unblock someone who blocked me on Instagram?

No, you cannot unblock someone who has blocked you on Instagram. Blocking is unilateral, meaning only the person who initiated the block can reverse it. If someone has blocked you, you won't have the ability to unblock yourself from their account.

Can you unblock someone on Instagram and block them again?

Yes, you have the option to block someone again after unblocking them. Instagram allows users to use the block feature as needed. If you unblock someone and later decide to block them again, you can do so through the options menu on their profile.

Why can't I unblock someone on Instagram?

If you're experiencing difficulties unblocking someone on Instagram, it could be due to technical issues or restrictions on the person's profile. Ensure you follow the correct steps, and confirm that the person's profile is still active. Occasionally, app glitches or connectivity problems might affect the unblocking process.

Does Instagram unblock someone?

Instagram does not have an automatic unblocking feature. A user's manual action always initiates unblocking. Users have full control over who they choose to unblock on the platform. Instagram does not automatically unblock accounts for any reason.


In conclusion, unblocking someone on Instagram is a simple yet meaningful action that can reopen communication channels and potentially mend digital relationships. Whether you want to reconnect, clarify misunderstandings, or move forward, the process offers flexibility and discretion. However, it's essential to approach unblocking with respect for others' boundaries and the platform's guidelines. Remember, responsible and thoughtful actions in the digital realm can lead to positive outcomes and healthier online interactions. Follow the steps above, and you will never go wrong.

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